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Feb 4, 2008 04:58 AM

Richard Gere was not there but Jean-Georges showed up...

Went to visit The Bedford Post Inn for brunch, the week-old restaurant that actor Richard Gere has put his name to, on Rt. 121 just outside of Bedford Village, and was thrilled to see super-chef and restaurateur Jean-Georges show up with a group...Gere was nowhere to be seen, but the meal itself was a delight! Just the Cafe is open right now, while the larger structure of the vintage mansion is being partner and I shared the Warm Endive, Fennel & Blue Cheese Tart with arugula salad, and a decadent Natural Herondale Hamburger with cheddar, onion mostarda & bacon...on the side we had an order of the house made French fries with truffled aioli. For desset we shared the Apple Walnut Crostada...Fresh tasting and lovely! Everything on the table was delicious, really! The burger itself I would rank among the best I've had lately. There are pastries, cookies and cakes for sale as well...The Cafe itself is just open for breakfast, lunch and brunch right now. A lovely drive from southern Westchester too...

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  1. Thanks for the info! Can't wait to try it. The burger sounds delicious. How cool to see Jean-Georges there.

    1. Tried it today for brunch - it's been open for about two weeks now. I had the multi-grain waffle, very light and delicious. It comes with wild huckleberries and creme fraiche. I asked for the creme fraiche on the side - good thing too, because it was not creme fraiche at all but rather unsweetened whipped cream. We also ordered a latte and a pot of tea, which showed up after we reminded the staff three times and our meal had been served. My husband ordered the Herondale Hamburger, rare. It came well done. He sent it back. The second one was right on point and delicious. We waited forever for the check, then waited forever for them to pick up the credit card and process it. The waitress was not wearing her glasses, she said, so she could not see.

      Bottom line, very good food, but the service leaves something to be desired. There did not appear to be a manager on the premises. I imagine the service will get better, since the clientele around here is used to being served. I'll give it another try. The food is good enough that they deserve the benefit of the doubt. The pastries look terrific and I got talking to the pastry chef. Very nice woman.

      Oh - and Martha Stewart was there.

      1. Tried the place for Saturday brunch. The food was very good, and that is why we will give it another try. Service was sloppy, slow, disorganized and indifferent. Orders came late, in wrong sequence, wrong or plain forgotten.

        We waited 20+ minutes while several tables were available, and even clean. People were seated out of sequence of arrival, which irritated some.

        Lots of staff, way more than I would expect for the number of customers (and the place was full), but no one was in charge or at least no manager was in evidence, and I think that is clearly the problem.

        The decor is great, but the front door needs some protection from the wind on cold winter days. The hostess would hold it open for 3 - 4 minutes for some, and close it in the face of others, but each time we'd get a blast of chill all the way across the room. I would not want to be sitting at the table by the door.

        But our food was very good, and the tables around us all raved about their food.

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          We ate dinner there on Saturday night and had the same experience -- food was great, service needs work. Soft egg ravioli was delicious, sea bass was perfect, cheese course for dessert was excellent. On the other hand, the bread guy hit some other tables two times as we sat waiting for a nibble of bread, and our server could not really explain why our wine was served in "bistro" glasses while other table seemed to have actual stemware. Very strange. But what was most frustrating was that this kitchen plans to focus on local foods and so on, but when I asked where the duck was from, for example, our server had no idea, nor did he offer to find out. To repeat, though, the food was excellent; it is the wait staff that needs more training. I expect that this situation will improve by the time the main restaurant opens.

        2. Folks, we've removed some posts discussing giving new restaurants "more slack". That topic is beyond the scope of this regional board. Please keep the discussion focused on specifics about local chow/restaurants.


          1. As a follow up to my original post, a foodie friend told me that The Bedford Post has now opened for dinner with a limited menu...they are using the same cafe space. Will go check it out and report back.

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            1. I think it's too late not to tell people. We stopped by today around 2pm because we were in the area and the place was jammed They don't take brunch reservations and the guy directing traffic in the parking lot told us not to bother going in since there was already a long wait. Since we were just going in to check it out, we parked. I got the brunch and dinner menus ($65) if anyone wants to see them. I'll have to try them for brunch, if I can manage to get there before the crowds (no reservations for brunch, although I wonder if Martha has to wait for a table).