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Feb 4, 2008 04:44 AM

Mardi Gras Gumbo Ingredients

Made a special trip to Wegmans yesterday for Andouille sausage and okra, two ingredients for a gumbo I want to try out tomorrow...and the produce manager said they only had frozen okra! The meat man said they didn't have one piece of Andouille left! Does anyone who makes gumbo in Baltimore know where to go for these key ingredients? I'm assuming H-Mart would have the okra, but not the sausage!

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  1. Frozen okra is fine. I don't knwo Baltimore but here in DC, Whole Foods usually has andouille.

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    1. re: Dakota Guy

      Whole Foods in Baltimore (Inner Harbor East, at least) usually has andouille. For that matter, the Safeway in Canton usually does as well.

      1. re: Hal Laurent

        The Superfresh in Hampden has andouille. I usually use frozen okra and it's fine!

      2. re: Dakota Guy

        Forgot about Whole Foods...thanks all! Frozen okra it is...

      3. The newish Shoppers on Kane street and Eastern Ave always has okra and it's usually pretty good aka: fresh. It's on the back of the produce section with the bok choy and ginger and tofu etc...they have a pretty decent ethnic selection of grocery so you might also be able to find andouille sausages there.

        1. The okra at H Mart didn't look too good Saturday, so if you can grab some frozen you might be better off and save yourself a trip.

          1. When I make red beans and rice or gumbo, I get smoked sausage at Ostrowski's on Washington Street in Fells Point.

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            1. re: Tugboat

              Ostrowski's on Washington Street makes good sausage, but it's not the same as andouille. Andouille has heat. A good Polish sausage can be an adequate substitute texture-wise, but the flavor wouldn't be the same.

              1. re: Hal Laurent

                I know the difference and John Ostrowski makes andouille in addition to his polish varieties.

                1. re: Tugboat

                  Cool! I didn't know he made andouille! It's been a few years since I've been there. Time to correct that.

            2. Okra is a hot-weather, summer vegetable. It follows the "winter tomato rule": you're really better off buying good frozen okra than pallid winter "fresh" stuff. Most Louisiana Winter gumbos don't use okra or use okra put up during the summer to use during the off-season.

              I'm from South Louisiana and have never found a good andouille sausage up here any way, so I usually substitute the best garlic-ly kielbasa or similar sausage I can find. It won't make any real difference in your gumbo. Certainly nothing like using bad okra.