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Superbowl, what did ya make? Winners Vs. Losers

I totally didn't make what I initially planned to. I ended up with that great pan fried onion dip mentioned in other posts, a winner, and the traditional knors leek mix, spinach, water chestnut bread bowl dip, another winner. What did you end up with?
Yea Giants!

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  1. The Buffalo Chicken Dip, posted a few times, was a really big winner.

    1. The biggest hits at my house were the coconut shrimp with apricot dipping sauce and the homemade pizza. I used Tyler Florence's dough recipe for the first time and it was delicious! We made one pizza with sausage and one with basil and fresh mozzarella. Good eats and a good game!

      1. Manhattan clam chowder. Maybe thats why the Giants won. :)

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          I made hummus...kind of a miss with all the other sour cream based dips on the table but the rock star of the night was my cream cheese and green onion wontons...deep fried to crispy goodness gone in a flash!

        2. I didn't have a party _ just me, my 9-year-old and a friend of hers. But I made an Alton Brown recipe from the Food Network for wings with an orange juice-hoisin sauce-soy sauce glaze. I thought they were delicious.

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            nothing interesting...pepperoni bread but the different thing I did this time was had marinara sauce on the side for dipping. that was excellent!

          2. There were only my son and I watching the game...we loved GoodHealthGourmet's Black Bean Dip:


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              I made this as well and served it with carrot and celery sticks. We Loved it! Thank you GHG!! Next time I'm going to try it with Cannelloni beans.....

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                woo-hoo! two wins for me that day...my dip, and my giants :)

                i'm so glad you enjoyed it. apparently, so did kathleen mc elroy at the ny times...


                score one for the hounds!

                next time try serving it with my homemade chips - it's even better that way.

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                  There was a little leftover and I used it on a baked potato, topped that with a little cheese and fresh cilantro--great and simple dinner!

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                    love the idea val..i'll have to try it the next time i make some.

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                  Gio, did you ever try this dip with the cannelloni beans? I'm in deep and feel slightly addicted to this dip now...made another batch today but added some light red kidney beans to the black beans because the can of black beans that I bought only contained 15 ounces and after draining and rinsing, looked like a sadly paltry amount (must....have.....MORE!) so I added half of a can of light red kidney beans and it came out awesome! Would love to know if other beans work well with this. By the way, a co-worker is now also addicted to this wonderful stuff.

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                    I'm just seeing this post now Val.... yes, I made the dip with the cannelloni beans and then with red kidney beans as well. It's truly addictive! I also used some that was not inhaled as an condiment to a bison meatloaf. Vedy, Vedy gooood.

              2. I made Dave Lieberman's Guinness-chocolate cupcakes. Ten people managed to eat almost 2 dozen cupcakes, so I'd say they were a hit!

                1. went to a party and took 20 lbs. of my semi-Buffalo chicken wings, made a pretty standard barbecue dry rub and let the wings sit with a heavy application for about an hour, then did in oven at 375 for 40 minutes. Then deep fried for a minute to crisp up the skin, and tossed with a buffalo sauce of equal parts butter and Durkee's, with a little worcestershire sauce added . they dissappeared in less than 5 minutes, so I think people liked them.

                  1. I made these wings: http://thepioneerwomancooks.com/2007/... which turned out perfectly, but my own blue cheese dip since I think hers looks kinda gross.

                    1. Jalapeno Poppers and Alabama Pecan Fudge Chewies, both from Cooking Light (myrecipes.com). MmMm Good!

                      1. Go Giants. I had an assortment of cheeses and crackers and made lasagna and ceasar salad along with a loaf of crusty Italian bread but kept thinking all night about the pulled pork egg rolls that Guy Fieri made on his show earlier in the day. They looked really good. I will have to give them a try.

                        1. Had a crew of DH's and my friends over, mostly 20-something guys, so it had to be good! Roasted red pepper hummus (way garlicky, but we're all friends) with an assortment of veggies and whole wheat pita chips; sausage-stuffed mushrooms, which were requested by the newly "vegetarian" member of the group; and for the main, three different kinds of mini burgers on different buns/rolls. They seemed to be a big hit! Oh, and for the vegetarian, a plate of mini grilled cheese - taleggio and raspberry/strawberry jam on ciabatta - yum! For dessert, grapes and pineapple chunks, and mini cupcakes from the yellow cake and chocolate frosting in the new CI - pretty good. Frosted half with the chocolate, the other half with lemon-cream cheese.

                          Oh, and beer!
                          GO GIANTS!!!

                          1. Mrs. Jfood was just getting over a stomach virus so it was just the three jfoods. He took this opportunity do a test run for a bistro dinner they are throwing in a few weeks. He made a Saveur Magazine inspired onion soup, The Chicken Grand-Mere Francine from The Daniel Boulud Bistro Cookbook and an Ina Garten Chicken Pot Pie with the leftover chicken from the two vats of Chicken Soup he made Mrs. Jfood over the last three days.

                            - Onion Soup, this was the big hit. He used 5 large sweet onions and it worked really well. He hates to throw himself under the bus but he made the vat on Saturday and reheated on Sunday. As he was reheating, the Giants were driving and he sorta forgot about it and it reduced a tad. He threw in some chicken stock to the beef stock soup and the different flavor was nice. Serendipity.
                            - Boulud Chicken was fantastic, but there were way too many vegetables compared to chicken and the recipe could handle double the chicken (that’s a good thing) and the celery root was too high a ratio in the veggie mix (will reduce and add fingerlings as well next time). Jfood is glad he did a test run as he will modify before the event.
                            - Chicken pot pie was also very good. This time Jfood substituted Pennzey’s Old World Seasoning instead of Herb du Provence and he thinks that was definitely a great change to the flavor.

                            Lots of leftovers for tonight and the Foodsaver/Freezer

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                              My pernil came out nice and juicy, but I think I'll tweak my procedure next time. I cut crosshatches in the skin and meat, rubbed them with a paste of garlic, cilantro, cumin, oil, salt, and pepper, and marinated in Badia bottled mojo overnight. Then I roasted at 475 for 45 minutes, with the marinade in the bottom of the roaster, then lowered the oven temp to 275, and left it in for about 6 hours. Next time I think I will try a dry rub, marinate in fresh OJ, discard marinade instead of having the shoulder roast in it, and start the roast at a lower temp than 475. The skin on top started to get too black too fast at 475. And the pool of cooked marinade and juices at the bottom of the pan after roasting wasn't really any good for anything- too acid. Next time I will just keep enough water in the bottom of the roaster so the drippings don't burn. Then maybe any skin on the underside will brown, too.

                              Spinach balls were a hit, so were the white bratwurst in sauerkraut, and the baba au rhum.

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                                I was part of the dessert crew, so my offering was lemon bars, kind of a riff on those in "Tartine", with a shortbread/brown butter crust, with a rich lemon filling from "The Village Baker's Wife". Great combo!

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                                  i also made pernil, but used mark bittman's recipe. on saturday i roasted an 8 lb. shoulder for 6 hours at 300, flipping it every hour. sunday i roasted it for one more hour at 300 to reheat it, then put it skin side up under the broiler until crisp. it was a delicious success! unfortunately, the pats were not :-(


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                                  The Saveur onion soup recipe, was that from the article about Au Pied de Cochon? That recipe caught my eye and I have it dog-eared. Too warm to make it here in FL, but I'm visiting IN next week so I may take it along.

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                                    jfood has been making this since March 2001 so he is not sure if that is the article you refer.

                                    key is the onions, jfood finds the sweet onions are the best. Thent the other trick he likes is to take the baguette and cut into 3/4" cubes and toast versus a slab of bread. jfood does not like fighting with cutting the bread with his spoon as he eats. soup into a crock, floatthe cubes on top, some slices of good gruyere and under the broiler.

                                3. The Spicy Oven Fried Chicken from epicurious.com was a big hit. and for a post-game birthday party, I made devils' food cupcakes from a Food & Wine recipe, both mini and regular-sized, frosted with basic vanilla buttercream and decorated with mini or regular chocolate chips, as applicable. They looked really cute (very dalmation-like) and tasted great too. Never under estimate the power of good quality chocolate, butter and vanilla.

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                                    Epi's Spicy Oven Fried chicken IS a great recipe...it's in my 'keeper' file and we do love it. Here's the recipe if anyone is curious:


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                                      Yup. I used thighs with the skin on and breasts with the skin removed (both on the bone), let it marinate overnight, and forgot to do the drizzle of melted butter, and both white and dark meat came out great.

                                  2. Since we had just come back from vacation and I wasn't up to entertaining, it was just me, my husband, and our 2 small kids. We had:

                                    Pigs in a blanket (Hebrew National cocktail franks wrapped in Pillsbury crescent
                                    Baked Brie (also wrapped in crescent dough)
                                    Wings (only for my husband)
                                    Some assorted "fried matter" from Stew Leonard's (mozzarella sticks, and corn poppers -- Loved the corn poppers!)
                                    And then I made Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs, mostly because I've always been curious to try them and this was a good excuse to make them.

                                    The best things were the pigs in a blanket (as always), corn poppers and meatballs. for some reason, I didn't like this particular brie, which was fine, since I ate so much other junk. Total trash food, but tasty nonetheless!

                                    1. i made chili, cornbread, spinach/artichoke dip... we also had edamame, carrots and hummus, chocolate chip cookies, tortilla chips and salsa, and our friends brought assorted crackers and cheeses. kind of a weird assortment but we were well fed!

                                      1. It was Super Bowl, so I pulled out a couple of white trash 'Tex-Mex' classics from my family ... though the Taco Salad I have adapted to make a bit healthier than what we ate growing up. Even the food snobs loved both these dishes.

                                        I also served veggies with blue cheese dip and Caesar dip - both big hits as well. I served romaine lettuce leaves, whole, on the crudite' tray and they went faster than anything. There were just seven of us so we did not go too overboard with the food.

                                        ENCHILADA CASSEROLE

                                        1 onion, chopped
                                        1 pd. ground beef
                                        1 4 oz can chopped green chilies
                                        1 14 oz. can of enchilada sauce
                                        1 can cream of mushroom soup
                                        1 can cream of chicken soup
                                        sour cream
                                        shredded cheddar cheese

                                        - Preheat oven to 350.

                                        - Brown the onion, chilies and beef until the beef is cooked and onions are tender. Season with salt, pepper and a healthy dose of cumin.

                                        - Add the soups and enchilada sauce. Stir well and simmer for 15 minutes.

                                        - In deep casserole dish, put a generous layer of doritos. Then ladle over the doritos a layer of the meat sauce. Then spread a layer of sour cream (it will mix in to a degree, don’t worry). Then sprinkle a generous layer of cheese.

                                        - Repeat the layers, topping with lots of cheese.

                                        - Bake for 30 min. with lots of cheese on top.

                                        I like to serve it with flour tortillas and Taco Salad on the side.

                                        This recipe doubles easily and freezes easily. When I make it, I usually make two and freeze one. It is great for something like the Super Bowl as you can prepare it in the morning or even the day before and it is ready to go when you need to put it in the oven.

                                        TACO SALAD

                                        I start with a head each of red leaf lettuce and green leaf lettuce. After washing/drying, tear the leaves into large but moderately bite size pieces and put them in a large salad bowl, preferably wooden. I like them a little bit larger as the dressing and all the goodies cling to the leaves that way.


                                        - One pound of ground beef, done up with Ortega or Taco Bell seasoning. (If you want to go fancy and do it yourself with your own spices, even better.)
                                        - Chopped green onions (maybe three, green and white parts)
                                        - 1/2 red onion diced
                                        - One chopped red bell pepper
                                        - One chopped orange bell pepper
                                        - 1 can of Pinto Beans with Jalapeños, lightly drained (some of the juice remaining is ok, it will mix with the dressing)
                                        - 2 avocados, chopped
                                        - 3 tomatoes, chopped
                                        - Chopped black olives
                                        - Lots of grated sharp cheddar cheese
                                        - Dress with homemade vinaigrette, or, if you must use bottled, Wishbone.
                                        - About a half a bag of Plain Tortilla Chips (I like Mission) crumbled up in your hands

                                        Toss it all up, it’s great!

                                        1. It was just the four of us, and my son had a raging temperature, so instead of the shabu-shabu I was planning, I made a big ol' pot of chicken soup with matzoh balls. Always a winner. For a snack, my husband whipped up a terrific batch of popcorn made with olive oil, garlic, and parmesan cheese. My sicky son even had a little of that!

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                                            could you share your shabu shabu broth recipe? do you keep it boiling in a fondue pot? i would love to make this at home! thanks!

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                                              It's not so much a recipe as a thing thrown together. I put broth (beef or chicken) in the fondue pot (I have one of those electrical ones) with slices of fresh ginger, cut garlic, scallions and peppercorns. I let that come to a boil, turn it down, and then let it steep for at least 20 minutes. I have also tried the more traditional route with water and seaweed, but I like the broth better.

                                          2. Our party was typical foodwise - chili, potato skins, baked ziti. My favorite food items these days are smaller versions of other foods. The best offering at the bash was the mini cheese burgers on potato rolls!


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                                              We didnt host this year but I was asked to bring 2 dips- The buffalo chicken dip (which I was told has to be one of the 2) and cream cheese chili dip were both huge hits!!

                                            2. Combined Superbowl and Mardi Gras by making a big pot of seafood gumbo. Made chocolate bread pudding with Grand Mariner sauce for dessert.

                                              1. Movers arrived and unloaded on Saturday, so with the time crunch of getting the main living space cleaned up and ready for guests for the Superbowl on Sunday, I had to keep it simple and easy - cheese and crackers (Manchego and chipotle cheddar), salsa and chips, guacamole, queso dip, and a tried and true favorite - Ina Garten's baked ham (ginger/mango chutney/orange/dijon/brown sugar glaze) - along with store-bought biscuits. A friend brought teriyaki meatballs and E made his tasty margaritas. Store-bought banana chocolate cream pie to finish up. Our first gathering at our new house was a success, and a good reminder that I don't really need to always make such a huge spread as I've done in previous years.

                                                Baked Ham recipe:

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                                                  Sounds like a nice spread and a great way for E to watch the dreaded Giants run over the Pats. Say hi for me!

                                                2. All hits:

                                                  Fired up the smoker at noon and threw the slabs of babybacks on that had been in the fridge with a homemade spicy dry rub since the night before. I used the time tested 2-2-1 smoking method, and used a mix of hickory, and applewood. Ribs came out with a beautiful pink smoke ring, and were served with sauce on the side. Ribs were all eaten

                                                  Steamed some snow crab legs in a mixture of beer, old bay spice, and garlic. Served them with garlic butter. Crab legs alle eaten

                                                  Also "made" some little beef smokies & added some kilbasa off the smoker, in a spicy sauce of ketchup, heinz 57, brown sugar, honey, Worstershire, Texas Pete, sweet relish, & bbq sauce. These were devoured also.

                                                  Did some baked beans and added kilbasa from the smoker as a nice meat touch, They went over well as usual.

                                                  We also had some store bought blue crab dip served with crackers.

                                                  As for a vegetarian offereing, there were none invited, so I didnt bother. Meat and football go together.

                                                  All of the above served with cold beer, and couple of bottles of tequila.

                                                  Other items were store bought,

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                                                    Sounds so good... I'm coming over to your place next year!

                                                  2. I was in the odd position of wishing both teams could somehow lose. The Patriots because they knocked the Chargers out of the running and the Giants because Eli Manning made quite a point of NOT coming here to play when he was drafted. Still and all, it was an exciting game and the most deserving team won, IMHO, so hats off to the Giants.

                                                    Dh had planned to have a party, but a friend of his was recently dxed with lung cancer and a group of friends went to his house to watch the game instead. We ended up having another party, though, one with my 15 y.o. old son and his 2 friends. They started off with burgers and chocolate shakes and at halftime had ribs. Oh to be young again, lol... I ate a salad and tried one of the ribs...

                                                    1. I made nachos, with fresh pico de gallo, shredded cheese, and refried bean, which I was making for the first time. I used the recipe on the Goya pinto-bean cans and also added a pinch of epazote and cumin. It was so good! I'll be having refried beans as a side dish a lot in '08.

                                                      I also made guacamole, forgot the jalapeño--and liked the flavor much better without it. The lime and avacado really shone through.

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                                                      1. re: Angela Roberta

                                                        I'm with you, I don't use jalapeno and I love it that way. I just use avocado, onion, lime, cilantro and salt. Delicious.

                                                      2. We had lots of appetizers, but the tastiest, I think, was the shrimp cocktail. I bought a bag of the frozen, raw, ez peel shrimp. I got a pot of water to a high boil, added the juice of one lemon, sea salt, lots of garlic powder and some tarragon. Threw in the shrimp, and cooked until juct pink. Into an ice bath. Then I peeled them and chilled. THey were really the best I have ever had. Tasted best eaten plain.

                                                        1. I made hannaone's Korean fried chicken wings which were a HUGE hit. I highly recommend them and won't wait for the next Superbowl to make them again.

                                                          1. We just had Texas BBQ from our favorite BBQ joint, chips dips, crudite, beer and martini's. Everything was a huge hit with our guests and we had a great time watching
                                                            the Patriots go down. What a great, great game!!

                                                            1. I made the buffalo chicken dip, which was a huge hit. Also made a big pot of veggie chili while my co-host made CI's chili recipe. I think the veggie chili actually got more hits and I think that this was largely due to the fact that it was spicier than hell, while the CI recipe was very rich but had very little heat. the two chili's actually worked really well when mixed together. We also had a toppings bar using many of the suggestions that people here had posted on another thread of mine. I think my favorite of the toppings had to be sliced grilled hot dogs for a reverse chili dog effect!

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                                                                Did you have leftover dip and, if so, how are you using it? I have some in the fridge and am trying to find creative interpretations. So far: on toast, in a quesadilla, and over a baked potato.

                                                              2. I trimmed boneless skinless chicken breasts then cut each into 2 or 3 strips. Marinate in soy, ginger, garlic, red pepper, water for about an hour. Drain, wrap with bacon. (Kroger lower-sodium bacon is our go-to brand.)

                                                                Bake on a rack at 300 for twenty minutes to let most of the grease drain away and bacon to "set" around chicken strip. Transfer to medium-hot grill until done.

                                                                They're tasty, but I never get them as good as the French Connection restaurant in Biloxi, MS who cooks theirs over blazing pecan logs.

                                                                1. I made Rotel. Always a hit.

                                                                  I also made the Korean Spicy Wings mentioned here.
                                                                  A monumental hit.


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                                                                  1. re: Davwud

                                                                    Rotel what? I love their recipes.

                                                                    1. re: ginnyhw

                                                                      If someone says 'I made Rotel', 99% of the time they mean Rotel Queso dip. Basically a large block of Velveeta with 2 cans of Rotel. Melt it, mix it, enjoy.

                                                                  2. Oyster Chowder
                                                                    Sloppy Joes
                                                                    Hot dogs
                                                                    Chili dogs
                                                                    hot links
                                                                    po' chips
                                                                    coconut cake
                                                                    creme de menthe cake
                                                                    reg. white cake w/choco frosting

                                                                    1. I attended a rather large superbowl party, about 45 people in all, all young military people and their SO's. It was a potluck, but the host requested I bring baked crab rangoon and black bottom cupcakes. Totally random I know, but they both got wolfed down.
                                                                      The spread was pretty hysterical, no real rhyme or reason, the only common thread being everyone brought at least a sixer. I think my favorite addition was made by a guy who had stopped at a 7-11 and bought about 25 random individually wrapped snack items, and just dumped them from the sack into a pile on the table. Again though, with about 25 guys in their twenties present, literally every scrap of everything got eaten.

                                                                      1. dozens of baked clams and some grilled "autostrada" sandwiches. prosecco early and beer late. maybe the best super bowl i ever saw. food was pretty good, too.