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Oct 17, 2001 09:29 PM

Elephant Snack

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September 24, midnight. I'm driving down Western Ave. I stop at a light at the corner of Western and 9th (re-named James Woods Ave, does anyone know exactly who this street is named after and why?) There's a crowd in front of a shop. It's all lit up. All I see are the words, "Elephant Snack". I make a note to go back and find out more another day.

October 17th, 1PM. Lunch time. I'm driving down Western and remember Elephant Snack. It conjures up all sorts of weird thoughts.

"Elephant Snack Corner" is opened 24 hours. No one speaks English, but it's not a problem. There are giant photos on the wall of every dish. Just point. Soups, dumplings, and "Korean teriyaki" (fried meat served with rice). $6 - $7.50. I order the dumpling soup.

The broth is wonderful -- has the faint taste of roasted meat. The dumplings are awful, the meat is tasteless and full of chopped scallions. I dig my spoon to the bottom of the bowl to check out any veggies I might have missed, and come up with a prize, loads of shredded beef that are heavenly.

The soup dumplings are awful, but the broth, the beef, the vegetables are great. I vow to go back and try the short-rib soup. I still don't know why they call it "Elephant Snack Corner".

Sandra W.

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  1. There's a moral to this story, Sandra. Always eat your soup to the bottom of the bowl. Love your post! Pat

    1. Ventured out this way one day during lunch and saw the Elephant Snack sign and remembered this post! Came back a few days later to try out the grub. Was there at noon and by 12:30, the place was totally full and many people (all Korean) waiting. I just pointed to some pictures on the wall since I can't read Korean, and had the chili beef soup noodles ($7.50)--delectable! The noodles were chewy, the beef shredded for easy eating, and the red broth fiery hot but not too much to numb my taste buds. Also split an order of friend dumplings ($6) with my friend and wow, those were not good at all! The meat and veggies inside were so chopped up I had no idea what I was putting in my mouth. Ugh, possibly the worst restaurant dumplings I've ever tasted.

      Moral of the two Chowhound ventures (Sandra W and myself): don't get the dumplings! But I'm very eager to go back and try out another soup noodle...