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Feb 4, 2008 02:37 AM

Ethiopian Groceries in TO?

Hello all,

I am wondering if anyone can help me source some Ethiopian staples in and around the city.

I am not looking for particular items but just anything really.

Also, if you have a suggestion/recommendation for your favourite Ethiopian, please feel free to share!


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  1. There's a place, I forget the name, on the south side of Gerrard, between Logan and Carlaw. Pretty much across the street from the Beer Store. They had raw coffee beans and a bunch of other stuff. Pretty sure it's ethiopian.

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      Yup, Arsema's on Gerrard is Ethiopian. There are a couple on the Danforth near Greenwood and on Queen E. near Parliament.

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        By chance, do you recall if they have berberre at Arsema's?


      2. I've seen a couple merchants at St. Lawrence market carry Berbere...of course I can't remember what they're called. One is a cheese/specialty item shop on the south-west side, right across from the vendor who sells all the kitchen supplies. Sheba on College is by FAR my fave and I've tried most Ethiopian places in the city. Great food and the owners are awesome!

        1. There are a couple Ethiopean stores in Bloor West Village. I don't know the names, but I've seen signs advertising fresh injera, etc, in the windows.

          1. Kabul Farm at 242 Parliament St carries injera, and some other ingredients, and one I haven't yet visited, but which seems to be Ethiopian from the signage is Kullubi, at Parliament and Shuter.

            1. Desta Market - Danforth and Jones - groceries, ingera, fresh meat, and lately, some delish and unusual cooked food for take-out - I can recommend their beef dish and their sheep stomach.

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                What do they do with sheep stomach? I'm intrigued.