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Main LIne LUnch, Monday (Today!)

Bashful3 Feb 4, 2008 12:53 AM

I know about "plan ahead", I just don't do it! Need suggestions pronto, for a lovely lunch today in the Bryn Mawr area. Any cuisine, price no object (birthday boy, hubby), priorities would be low sound level, tasty food, "special" atmosphere.

Thanks much, early birds.

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  1. i
    idia RE: Bashful3 Feb 4, 2008 04:49 AM

    Mediterranean Grill on Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr sounds about right. (610-525-2627)
    If you enjoy a clubhouse atmosphere, Bryn Mawr College has a wonderful little known restaurant that serves lunch only. It is in a beautiful building with stunning landscaping and prices are very reasonable.
    It is called Wyndham House. (610-526-5236)
    A bit more upscale and a few blocks away in Rosemont is Blush, which serves delicious lunches.(610-527-7700)
    There are other places in Bryn Mawr that I am sure others will weigh in on, but these are my particular choices.

    1. vicarious RE: Bashful3 Feb 4, 2008 05:19 AM

      I was going to suggest Pond, in Radnor, for the most "special" atmosphere, but it's closed Mondays. I'm not a fan of Blush for dinner, but I have heard that it's good for lunch. I can recommend Tango, as I had a pleasant, quiet, business lunch there recently. If you're flexible about location, 333 Belrose in Radnor and Blackfish in Conshohocken are both open for lunch. Cafe Fresko has tasty food, but probably not the atmosphere you're after. I would not recommend either the atmostphere or the food at Mediterranean Grill.

      1. p
        phungi RE: Bashful3 Feb 4, 2008 05:33 AM

        Not sure if it meets the "special atmosphere" requirement, but if hubby likes spicy/Cajun, Carmine's in Bryn Mawr has tasty food.

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        1. re: phungi
          Carole RE: phungi Feb 4, 2008 09:27 AM

          I don't think Carmine's is ever open for lunch and I know they're not open on Mondays.

        2. b
          Bashful3 RE: Bashful3 Feb 4, 2008 05:58 AM

          Mondays are often a bummer! Keep those great suggestions coming. I'm going to look into Tango and Blush. One can never be sure a place is open on Monday unless you call ahead. Actually, my hubby does like spicy, so I['ll check out Carmine's as well.
          While I"m at it, I[ll check out Wyndham House--that;'s one I never heard of, and could be very nice.

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          1. re: Bashful3
            idia RE: Bashful3 Feb 4, 2008 06:05 AM

            If you have ever been to the Art Museum for lunch, you will get an idea of what Wyndham House is like.
            They have a center area with all kinds of foods where you take your plate and choose whatever. Or else, if you prefer, you can choose from their menu selections instead. (If you go, try asking for a window seat.)

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