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Feb 3, 2008 06:30 PM

onion too pungent in guac. . . now what?

made some of guacamole and only added about 1/4 of a red onion to 3 avacados - but it was incredibly pungent and has overpowered the entire batch. any solutions to mellow it out? i don't have any more avacados.

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  1. How about some fresh chopped tomato or sour cream?

    1. Add some sour cream or cottage cheese.

      1. Lemon juice might help, also. The acidity sometimes cuts the sulfurous quality of the onion.

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          right on target. I searched for suggestions to try to salvage my 4 gallons of pumpkin soup being overwhelmed by too much too pungent onion. 1 cup of fresh squeezed lime juice (though I will be missing the home made with love (love of tequila and lime) margaritas for which it was originally squeezed) has indeed taken the edge off the too present sulfurous taste.

          Yes, though I started the search using your neighborhood friend dominate search engine it sent back here where we find comments from people who care, people who've been there. Thank you.

        2. do you have any cauliflower... if so, steam the heck out of it, puree it and add it to guac to dilute it.... you could do something similar with rice as long as you puree it to paste.

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            You could probably do the same thing with tofu.

          2. Whatever method you use to mellow out the onion's harsh sulfuric bite, (I lean towards using an acid) sometimes it's necessary to deflame the onion first, that its, soak the onion slices or dice in water for 15-20 minutes first before adding to a recipe where it's being used in a raw state; drain well. I find that red onions can be quite pungent and offensive, but sometimes white or yellow will kill a dish as well.