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Chick-fil-A recommendations

Is that Chick-Fil-A any good? It was closed the day I was there, with a big sign saying they've always been closed on Sunday, since the founded the company. I've never eaten in one. What do you recommend?

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  1. It really is quite tasty for a chain. The breading has a slight sweetness that adds an extra element of addiction. I'm partial to the nuggets, but the chain board hounds would disagree:


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      We had one on my college campus. It's good until you eat it every day for two months.

      The Sunday thing can be incredibly annoying.

      The sandwiches are decent for chain food, as are the nugget things.

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        Agreed. The basic chicken sandwich is just a simple thing well-executed, and I also like the coleslaw, which is the sweet confetti type with a dose of horseradish in the sauce.

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          I heard they are closed on Sunday because the original owners were Mormon. And that's why they have such good lemonade, as a non-caffeinated drink option.

          1. re: yamalam

            I believe that's a myth. They are overtly religious, but not Mormon:


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          I thought I had head something along the lines of the chicken being brined in part pickle juice, which I can believe based on the slight sweetness. Or maybe I am just imagining because of the two pickles served on the sandwich.

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            For me, the basic chicken sandwich is good; chain or no. Simple and delicious.

          2. My favorite is the Chargrilled Chicken club sandwich, but everything is really good!

            1. Whatever you eat, make sure you are drinking a diet lemonade with it!

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                Indeed :-) I get the original chicken sandwich with extra pickles and a Diet Lemonade. Wonderful lunch for $4.

              2. Definitely my favorite fast food. I love the regular sandwich (but like Janet, I get extra pickles!), and while I love the waffle fries, I often opt for the fruit cup. Crisp apple, non-mushy berries, grapes and mandarin orange...yum!

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                  I tried asking for the extra pickles, but somehow a majority of the time I end up getting no pickles. Now I ask for pickles on the side and get a little dish of pickles, yea.

                  Another vote for diet lemonade.

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                    It's weird - whenever I ask for extra pickles, depending on the location of the store, I sometimes get them on the sandwich and sometimes get the little cup. I really prefer the cup since they usualy give you a ton of pickles that way, and I can eat the leftovers. :-)

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                      I used to work for CFA (that another story) so I can tell you that CFA will not put extra pickles on a sandwich after it is already made. They will give you a cup of pickles instead. If they are making it fresh, they will will put the extra pickles on the sandwich for you.

                2. The polynesian sauce is pretty darn good. A slightly different McDonalds sweet and sour sauce. I'd probably say it is behind McD's s&s but it is growing on me.

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                    Nuggets + Polynesian Sauce + Lemonade = delicious! The waffle cut fries are good with some pepper and ketchup. Don't forget the mint on the way out.

                  2. Gotta say I was let down by Chick-Fil-A. They don't have any out here in SoCal, so we stopped by one during a visit in Florida and alas, it was a Sunday and they were closed. So I was really stoked for a lunch the next year's trip following golf. Service was fine, with the surprise of an older woman rather than teen kid behind the counter. But my original sandwich was blah -- the breading had absolutely no crispiness, so the bready bun and tender meat all mushed together into a very listless mass. Even the pickles couldn't help. The waffle fries also suffered from a lack of crunch -- too airy. My uncle fared a bit better with his grilled chicken club, but while I'm glad I tried it I have no interest in returning. As much as I hate to admit it, I'd rather go with a chicken sandwich, or better still a cheeseburger and fries, at most other fast food places if I'm eating in that genre.

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                      The place is terribly overrated IMO. tried breakfast sandwich after reading aboiut it on the board. blah. and it certainly didn't fill me up. It is mall food, plain and simple. They didn't venture out of malls until relatively recently.

                      1. re: andy huse

                        Actually, I haven't seen any in malls since I was a little girl, and that was 20+ years ago. We've had them freestanding in the Southeast forever, which certainly makes it easier to do the drive-through thing at lunch.

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                          Here in the DC area, we have them in malls and freestanding. I have noticed, however, they tend to be concentrated. I can think of five within spitting distance that I visit on a regular or semi-regular basis. My parents live about 30 miles away, and the spots closest to them are the ones that I visit.

                          I do think the best one is the one at the hospital where my daughter was born. Just an express, but it was really convenient!

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                        There are many CFA's in S. CA. But anyways, I love their nuggets or strips and have ordered it as a party tray and it is always a hit. Fairly reasonable price for the amount you get.

                      3. The original sandwich is good, especially if you put a packet of the hot sauce and some of the honey roasted BBQ sauce on top. Not only does it help counter some of the occasional dryness, but whatever drips out makes a good base for dipping your waffle fries into. Add a regular lemonade, and life is good.

                        They are (at least in the DC area) testing out a spicy chicken sandwich. It still needs the hot and BBQ sauces, and with this you need to ask for pickles - the sandwich is just chicken on bread. But, if it stays on the menu, it has a nice aftertaste that leaves you hankering for a bit more.

                        One thing I might suggest is if you go with a friend, get a large combo and an extra sandwich. Like most FF places, the fries and drink are really a lot larger than they need to be.

                        Oh! And make sure you get a milkshake. The cookie bits are sometimes a bit big for the straw, but the Cookies and Cream shake (especially when they offer the Mint C/C) is one of the best, FF or not.

                        1. waffle fries dipped in polynesian sauce.....ahhh, heaven

                          1. The original sandwich with a little bit of mayonaise. The breading on the chicken and pickle combination make this sandwich. The waffle fries and cole slaw are decent.

                            Did you know that they serve breakfast also? I had an egg and chicken sandwich on a biscuit at the Cincinnati Airport a few weeks ago. Definitely not as good on the biscuit as it is on the regular bun. And the tater tot/hash browns were not as good as the waffle fries.

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                              I agree - their biscuits are a little weak. If I could get a scramble with eggs, salsa and nuggets for breakfast there, I'd be in heaven. :-)

                              1. re: Suzy Q

                                They do have a Chicken Breakfast Burrito.

                                1. re: Sacto_Damkier

                                  Oooh, we don't have those here! I may have to put in a special request!

                            2. Confession time: How do you pronounce C-f-A? We drove all around the Fairfield (CA) mall (sooo huge!) for 20 mins and never found it, even asking at least five people for directions, AND I had mapquest w/me. Sadly, we ended up at Chipotle...a first for us, but sadly lacking. Just wondering if I'll ever experience CfA anytime soon.

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                                  Correct (above) but it's really funny b/c so many people actually say Chick-A-fill.

                                  1. re: justagthing

                                    However I pronounced it (probably chicafilla) was clearly wrong since most folks just stared at us in wonderment. But the larger question is where the heck is it in Fairfield??

                                    1. re: Sarah

                                      It's inside the mall, on the 2d floor I think.

                              1. The chicken minis (I don't think I spelled that right ) on the breakfast menus are really really good. Their waffle fries are better than average for fast food fries, but I salt the heck out of them. The char grilled chicken sandwich tastes good, and is good for you - less than 300 calories. I also like the spicy chicken wrap.

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                                  I like the waffle fries w/their bbq sauce...yum!

                                2. Anybody else get coupons in the mail yesterday? I'm a happy camper. :-)

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                                    love them coupons for a free sammy. i have a stack of ones that don't expire, like business card size. I think I got them at some event. But they are usually only good for one particular store.

                                  2. Best thing about Chic-fil-A? Their SWEET TEA!!!! I will go there just for a glass of that tea! Sandwich is ok...definitely not my favorite.

                                    1. Oh my how I love Chick Fil A. My fav is the nuggets with the honey mustard...it is like no other HM ever. Also the cole slaw is yum yum. Im not that keen on the fries, a bit mushy for my taste. Also...the lemonade is a must!

                                      1. CFA has great nuggets. I actually like (I know this odd) their chicken soup. It is pretty good for a fast food place. The chicken minis with mayo are great with a fruit cup for breakfast. Hey if you don't like their breakfast options you can get nuggets for breakfast.