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Feb 3, 2008 06:09 PM

SOMA Monday night- Townhall, Oola, Ducca

I need an easy place for a biz dinner SOMA. My guest does not venture too much so I think one of these three will be suitable. I like Oola very much although its been awhile, have not been to Townhall for at least a year or more and I have not eated at Ducca.

Any recent visits or other suggestions that are not too expensive. Thanks.

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  1. Ducca is easily the best choice of the three for a business dinner. Oola is too grungy, Townhall is too loud and the food is mediocre. Ducca, however will be elegant with great food.

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      town hall is loud but the food is pretty good! cmon

      what are good dishes at ducca? price?