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Feb 3, 2008 05:43 PM

Moroni's - BPE

best pizza ever!

I grew up in suburban New York where the local Italian pizzeria is a fixture of the landscape and the slice has a regular place in the diet along with soda and videogames. As an adult, I rarely eat pizza, and almost never restaurant pizza. I like the pizza at 2 Amy's. The crust has a nice mouth feel and the salting is just right. However, the thinness of the cheese and toppings makes it more a bread experience for me than a pizza experience. And the place is too trendy and busy for comfortable dining. A few weeks ago, I tried Primo's in Reston (on recommendations found here and from friends offline) and found the pie disappointing. The crust was too soft and sweet. The top was blah. I haven't tried Comet, Matchbox, Red Rock, Pizza Paradiso, etc. I don't like pizza *that* much and I hate to be disappointed by high expectations.

So tonight my friend and I were aligned in wanting to try Moroni's. The notion of great pizza in Petworth by an El Salvarodan sets the right kind of chowish expectations. The pizza at Moroni's is perfect. The pie maker loves pizza and has an eye for detail worthy of a much, much pricier establishment. My friend is an inveterate vegetarian so we ordered two 8" veggie pies to share. Mine was the marina, notable for the mushrooms and mussels, her's was the caprani, with spinach, roasted goat cheese and onions. Talk about attention to detail, the red onions were thinly sliced and still crunchy. She thinks the pie was quickly cooked; I think the pie was pulled out midway and had the onions added. We could smell the brininess of the mussels on my pizza. I couldn't see the mussels, but I could taste their fresh earthiness in each bite. The ingredients are perfectly proportioned and seasoned just right. The crust was thin and not too charred. Maybe y'all have had comparable experiences at the other name pizza restaurants in town; so it may be merely very good to you. In a limited sampling, it is one of my best pizza experiences in a long long time.

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      1. I went to Moroni & Brother's on Georgia Ave on Saturday night and was really happy with the meal we had there. The place was full but the service was warm & welcoming. The food was fantastic - we tried three different pizzas. The kids enjoyed theirs and so did the grown folks. I'm looking forward to going back for more. Want to try the Salvadorean dishes on the menu but it will be hard to order anything but the pizza.

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          I've been here a few times with nothing but delicious experiences so far. Heading there tomorrow for another sample with a friend who hasn't experienced it yet. The pizza is why I keep going back, but the Salvadoran offerings are also excellent, *especially* the corn tamales...mmm....where is the symbol for "drooling on my keyboard"...

        2. it's a good place to know about that I would put behind Red Rocks and a handful of others.