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Quail eggs?

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Any suggestions for a source for quail eggs in the Boston area for use in an amuse bouche I am preparing?

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  1. I usually buy them at Asian stores like Super 88.

    1. Russo's carries them.

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        Yep. I saw quail eggs at Russo's on Saturday. Top shelf above the chicken eggs, I believe.

      2. I've seen them at the Japanese grocery store near Central Square on Prospect Street.

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        1. re: deshuitres

          I think that store actually closed last year.

        2. Kotobukiya (sp?) in Porter Square has them.

          1. Sometimes Formaggio Kitchen has them and I've seen duck eggs at Saveneurs, so they may have quail eggs.

            1. The Reliable Market in Union Square.

              1. Thanks everyone!!!!!