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Jfood to Kneaded Bread (P'Chester) - Great, Good and Not So

Well Jfood made it to Kneaded Bread in Portchester NY this weekend. As he was walking to the front door he remembered Mrs. Jfood mentioning a great bakery on this street last summer and did not put 2 and 2 together until he walked through the front door. At first he was a little nervous because all he saw was bread, no pastries, no cupcakes, just bread. But this was a bread lover’s Nirvana.

He took his spot in line and looked through the case and saw the beautiful pastries on the right hand side but still no pastries. What the heck, at least he would enjoy these. So when he was next in line he ordered a croissant, a chocolate croissant and a heart shaped brownie. As the woman was placing in the bag he spotted the cupcakes on the other side of the counters. So he wondered over to see what was there. And yes there they were cupcakes and pastries. The lady came over and Jfood ordered three cupcakes as well.

On the way to the Stamford mall Jfood started sampling his goodies. First bite into the croissant was heaven, flaky, buttery and perfect on the outside. Well this can go back in the bag so Jfood can try the chocolate croissant. One bite into this morsel and Jfood could not stop. He finished the whole thing before he knew it. It was fantastic. Then back to the croissant. As he took a few more bites it lost a little of its luster. Although the two ends were absolutely perfect, unfortunately the fat part was undercooked and the inside was not flakey at all. Jfood understands this is probably a fluke but this was not a complete package. Next Jfood reached into the bag and took a piece of brownie and took a taste. Bingo. This was the best brownie Jfood has tasted since his days in NJ when he made them himself. In fact, the recipe tasted like Jfood's old favorite.

Now onto the cupcakes. The first try was the chocolate cake with pink frosting. This was very disappointing. The cake was dry and not very chocolaty. And the icing was way too sweet. Next cupcake was a vanilla cake, vanilla frosting and chocolate jimmies (sprinkles). Cake was nice, nothing special and the icing again was way too sweet. Both Jfood and little Jfood could not finish. Last was the vanilla cake with milk chocolate icing. The cake on this was very good and you could at least taste the chocolate in the icing, but once again way too sweet.

Jfood will definitely go back and give it another try, the right side was fantastic, but the left side did not live up to the expectations.

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  1. glad you tried it. I've actually never tried anything from the "left" side. Where the sweeter stuff resides. Well, not true, I guess, because I've had their brownies, which, as you say, are tremendous.

    I like their rye breads, rustic loaves, round country loaves, aged provolone bread, olive breads, etc. Actually, I like pretty much all of their breads except their baguettes. Those are still good - better than what you find around here normally - but not great in my opinion. I actually don't know if I've had a great baguette in the NY area. But everything else is good.

    Some other things to try. Their "sticky buns" are awesome, as are their almond croissants. My daughters get the donuts and they are actually very good. The jelly and chocolate brioche is good too. Oh, and try their hot chocolate. Excellent.

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    1. re: adamclyde

      I guess jfood did not have the Ring Ding cakes.

      They are outstanding.

      1. re: dolores

        Yes! You MUST try the Ring Ding cakes! They are delicious!
        I also had problems with their cupcakes.... they were SO dry and inedible, ick!

      2. re: adamclyde

        Try the baguettes at June & Ho in downtown Rye. Delicious.

      3. You have to try the provolone bread there, thats out favorite. The brioche "jelly dougnuts" are also a charm, but not if you expect a traditional jelly doughnut since they are a on the yeasty side.

        Not a big fan of much of their sweets, including the cupcakes, very dry -- not a shock that you didn't have as much fun on "that" side of the counter.

        1. I agree with the provolone bread recs it has an intenseness that will make your entire car smell like a cheese shop. If there is any leftover, try toasting it the next day....divine!
          I also love their olive bread and their multi-grain rolls. Next time I go I will try a brownie, although I doubt it will beat my own recipe :) They also make great sandwiches which are in the refrigerated case on the left where the beverages are. I believe they are only a limited amount and not made to order.

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          1. re: momof3

            THUMP!!!!! That was the sound of the gauntlet hitting the floor MO3.

            You gotta post this famous brownie recipe.

          2. I definitely agree that their cupcakes are sub-par. Not enough icing, and the quality of the cake is near-supermarket. However their bread is a complete other story- I love the provolone bread everyone's been talking about. And once in a while they have this *delicious* chocolate pizza. It's the only sweet there worth buying, in my opinion.
            You can't blame them for not doing too well on the sweet stuff when they're *so* good at the at the other things like olive bread and croissants!

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            1. re: Sourise

              Except for their Ring Ding cakes. You have to try their Ring Ding cakes!

              1. re: dolores

                Gotta love their tarragon chicken salad. Big hunks of perfectly cooked white meat, seasoned just perfectly.

                1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                  Thanks, Dim Sum. Never even thought of looking at their food! I wonder what their chicken salad would be on one of their almond croissants??? With a Ring Ding cake for dessert.

                  Sounds like nivana.

            2. Like Adamclyde, the only things I've had from the left side were the brownies which were great. The cookies - usually in the middle - are decent but not great. I agree with all the recs on the breads --- most especially the provolone bread and also don't find the baguettes to my liking - a bit too airy and too crusty - very little bread there really.

              In addition to the sweets on the right that were mentioned - the brioches, et all - when the muffins come out of the oven warm, they are to die for. One morning a warm lemon poppy was above and beyond any muffin I've had and that's not usually even my favorite flavor.

              One more savory thing you must not miss next time are the onion rolls. They are perfect. As good if not better than the ones I used to have from some of the best Brooklyn bakeries.

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              1. re: laylag

                you may find this utterly silly, but the best onion rolls jfood has found up here are sold in Stop and Shop, they call them miami onion rolls. They are outstanding. Some egg or tuna salad and a slice of tomato and it's a perfect lunch.

                Matbe start a thread in "Chains"

                1. re: jfood

                  jfood, so weird that you mention that b/c I have found that they make the best bialies too. Way better than most bagel stores around here do. As for the brownies, I will look to post the recipe soon :)

                  1. re: jfood

                    I've seen them in the bakery section at S&*S I think and will try on your rec but jfood - do try the ones in Kneaded. They are smaller, not really for a tuna sandwich but don't really need anything on them - although some butter or cream cheese certainly couldn't hurt.

                    1. re: jfood

                      LOVE the onion rolls at Stop 'n Shop! Also, I don't think they have chocolate pizza at Kneaded Bread, unless I'm mistaken. They sell the chocolate pizza at Lulu's, but they carry it in the back so you have to ask them for it fresh out of the oven.

                      1. re: jfood

                        sorry jfood, the last post was directed towards sourise on chocolate pizza

                        1. re: RawTunaFan

                          no biggie, whatthe heck is a chocolate pizza. mrs jfood would describe that as a huge anti-depressant.

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                          jfood. are the onion rolls in their bakery section - as in baked on premises or are they found packaged elsewhere in the store? I haven't tried them but am really hungry right now...

                          1. re: adamclyde

                            they are in the loose bin where you take as many as you like. In the S&S's jfood goes to there is the row of bins that have the rolls and then the row of bins that have the muffins and pastries. They are in the former.

                            Jfood went to the Norwalk - Main St store today looking for bialys as somewhat recommended but they do not sell them. :-((

                            1. re: jfood

                              jfood: what about the bialys in Stamford across from Lord and Taylors? Where are the BEST Bagels?

                              1. re: nbermas

                                ess a bagel in nyc
                                bagel chateau in millburn NJ

                                1. re: jfood

                                  Too far away, want it with 15 minutes please!

                                  1. re: nbermas

                                    across from L&T is liz su. they are probably the best around for bagels, plus Word of Mouth up 123 just over the NY line into Vista. Have not found a good bialy yet (going on 12 years). It like the pastrami and corn beef up here, just not that good.

                                    And from your mouth to God's ear if you can help along.

                                    Interesting is that Garelick and Herb did FIL shiva in December and the bagels were good. Jfood will have to give her a call.

                                    1. re: jfood

                                      Word of Mouth is not worth the trip...FF thinks they taste like Lenders. Chewy, tasteless, small.

                      2. Buy the cinnamon swirl and make yourself some french toast. It's to die for.

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                        1. re: oilgorg

                          Their provolone loaf is the best piece of bread EVER.

                        2. I finally got to Kneaded Bread-- it did not disappoint!

                          Brownie-- as stated in this thread-- AMAZING! Huge, chewy, chocolatey.
                          Cupcakes-- as JFood stated-- not impressed at all. They are like Magnolia's-- sickly sweet. Bleh.
                          Chocolate brioche-- probably would have been better at the beginning of the day or when perfectly fresh and warm and gooey-- but it was still delicious and had a sprinkling of glittery coarse sugar.
                          Ring dings-- I've actually tried these once before-- they are delicious but soooo rich, even too rich for chocolate obsessed me, which is saying a lot.
                          Chocolate bread-- they were out of the cinnnamon swirl, which was what we wanted to make french toast with, but this was a perfect substitute. It made EXCELLENT french toast. I'm not sure how it would be eaten any other way.

                          I can't wait to go back and try more of their breads. We went at around 4 and they still had a very good selection. I wonder what they do with the leftovers? I'd like to go back earlier in the day.

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                          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                            We stopped there after a nice lunch at the Tarry Lodge a month or so ago...I didn't know it was there, but saw the name and remembered reading about it here. I agree, very good. We got the chocolate bread as well, made delicious french toast the next morning for breakfast. My daughter got a ring ding and she and my husband gobbled it up when I wasn't looking but I heard it was very good. I can't remember everything we got because it was so long ago, but I remember a loaf covered in poppy seeds that was really good...I think I made some kind of sandwiches for lunch. All in all, it was very good, another reason to go up that way!

                          2. The multi-grain loaf is outstanding!

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                              my kids go ga-ga for the brioche bread!!!!! The ring ding is outrageous.