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Feb 3, 2008 04:11 PM

Sticky Swiss Diamond pan

We cook a lot of scrambled egg whites. In our Swiss Diamond non-stick pan, the egg whites always stick, forming a film on the pan's surface which can then be easily peeled off after the eggs are done. I wasn't expecting this from this high quality pan; I figured there would be no sticking at all. Is this "normal" when cooking eggs like this?

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  1. Most likely you are cooking at too high heat. The instructions that come with the pans suggest that you heat the pan over medium heat and test with a few beads of water. If they evaporate quickly then the pan is ready and you should turn the heat to low and then proceed to cook.

    I sell a lot of those pans and own them myself, I have not had any returned or heard of that problem before.

    1. I have been looking at a Swiss Diamond for my non-stick replacement. What do you think if them otherwise?

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        Love it. You can use metal utensils and it has a pretty much lifetime guarantee. They don't advise cutting in the pan, though I did last week with no noticeable harm, not something I'd do regularly but it suffered no noticeable effects. This is the non-stick pan of my future

      2. Based on another nonstick brand recommendation, try rubbing a baking soda paste on the nonstick surface with a paper towel. If the baking soda turns gray, you have buildup of dirt (burnt oil) that needs to be cleaned off to restore the nonstick properties. Bar Keepers Friend also recommended for this purpose. But first double check the cleaning recommendations for your brand of pan.

        1. I'm not sure exactly what you're talking about but it sounds perfectly normal - "quality" of the pan is irrelevant, you're not cooking on a cushion of heated air ! If you were using not-non-stick, that film wouldn't lift off and would probably require soaking to get it off without an abrasive pad. If it slides right off, your pan is doing its job. Your technique could well use a little work, perhaps. ;)

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            So, about technique: I kept the pan on medium the entire time and a film still developed albeit a thinner film that when I cook on higher heat. This wasn't necessarily better as the thinner film fractured more easily when peeling off that the thicker film. Maybe this issue is related to the fact that egg whites are just stickier than whole eggs because of all the protein...

          2. Bought a SD griddle pan, cleaned it with dish soap, sponge, warm water. Cooked some eggs over easy at medium heat (not medium high). No oil or coating put into the pan. What a joke. Eggs, while cooking, stuck like glue to the pan and tore apart trying to get them loose to flip. Sure the pan cleaned up easy but cooking on it sucks. I could get this result from a $10 throwaway. Will never buy another SD product.