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Feb 3, 2008 02:36 PM

Mid-city tasting menu?

It's a little last minute, but it turns out we will be in NY for my husband's birthday, which is this Wednesday the 6th. We are staying at the New London hotel, and would like to do a great tasting menu in the area. Haven't tried Gordon Ramsey, but am expecting it to be booked. Per Se, also booked.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. le bernadin is in the area, should have something like that. i would call the hotel now, i think the hotel might have tables reserved for guests or something like that. if you can get you to table its worth it. jean georges isn't far either, but i think gordon ramsay is better.

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Back in October, we were able to snag a table at Jean Georges 3 days before the date we wanted, which also happened to be a Wednesday. You may have to be willing to dine early or late. We had no problem with a 9:30 res, actually ended up being seated a few minutes early, and were given an absolutely wonderful table. We did the tasting menu of his signature dishes, which we enjoyed.

        1. I love the tasting menu at Aquavit:

          Available Per Table $105 Pp; Beverage Accompaniment $80 pp (served Until 10.00 p.m.


          Yellow Tail Tartar with duck tongue, potato, sea urchin sauce and lime jelly
          Hot Smoked Trout with salsify puree, geoduck clam-asparagus salad and apple horseradish broth
          Foie Gras Ganache with duck pastrami, cherry chutney and goat cheese
          Poached Lamb Loin with spring onion, heart of palm, ramp vinaigrette and sunchoke-goat cheese puree
          Manchego with chocolate cream and tangerine sorbet
          Rhubarb Soup with cardamom and pistachio ice cream
          Almond-olive Cake with rose hip sorbet and yogurt

          I usually don't have too much trouble getting a reservation there on one or two day's notice since I eat my dinners pretty late. It's worth a call.