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Oct 17, 2001 09:03 AM

Noahs Bagels on the Westside

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I noticed that the 3 closest former Noah's Bagels (National/Barrington, Pico/Beverwil, and Pico/Westwood) are now a faux french bakery type of place. Does anyone know if this bakery bought out the chain in this area or is it owned by the Noah's folk?

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  1. We haven't been yet, but will be going soon because my wife is trading with someone who trades with them and gets "script" money from the bakery for her services. Evidently they have a blackboard menu and a small sit down area, along with take out. You order and they bring the food to your table. If you go first let us know what you think. Speaking of the blackboard order at the counter and bring it to your table kind of place, my wife and I tried the Literati Cafe a while back, (corner of Wilshire and Bundy next to the K Chicken O, as our son calls it). They have a really cute little space but the food was too healthy for us, robbing it of taste. Does really health conscious whole wheat bread have to taste like saw dust shavings bound together with construction paste?

    1. Is this bakery the Champagne French Bakery? They took over a Noah's space on Main Street in Huntington Beach. A friend and I stopped there for coffee one morning and split a cinnamon roll. It was wonderful, fresh and not too sweet. I'm interested in hearing the food review, also. The HB shop has a few tables outside - very pleasant for a Sunday morning diversion.

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        That's the one. They have evidently taken over all of the Noah's spots. My wife just called me at the office to say she stopped and picked up a chocolate croissant the size of Texas and left it in the kitchen for me when I get home. She said that they only had sweet type rolls, etc. She looked for savory croissant's but didn't see any. She also said they have a soup and salad kind of menu for lunch. I hope they have a selection of sandwiches too.

      2. My wife and I went last night to try it for dinner while the surly chowteen stayed home and had studied his french. We got there about 7 and we were the only two people, outside of the girl who took our orders and the person in the kitchen, in the place. I had a ham sandwich, french onion soup combo that comes with a heaping mound of mixed salad greens. The soup was really pretty good. The sandwich was just ok. Not enough very average ham on decent baguette roll. The salad dressing was a mustard-vinagrette and was also fine. My wife had their croque mr. The french version of a grilled ham and cheese with the cheese on the outside of the bread. I stayed away when I saw it had bechamel sauce, which I don't find all that tasty. I tried a bite and it was edible, but nothing to go back for. Her soup was a cream of broccoli, and was a bit gritty, like the flour didn't quite dissolve completely. With two cokes the bill was $28, way more than what we got was worth. We took a napolean to go and shared it at home. Terrible custard filling, tasteless and a complete waste of money. I would go back for the french onion soup. That's it. Plus the service with, at the end, 6 people in the place was so slow. If you went in with a lunch crowd it would probably take you the rest of the work day to get your food and get back to the office. They did have a selection of quiche that looked and sounded interesting. If anyone tries them I would like to hear their thoughts. After this visit I would say we won't be spending a lot of our dining out budget here.