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Feb 3, 2008 02:18 PM

Where can I get gourmet popcorn in or around Manchester, NH?

I saw an episode of Good Eats recently based around popcorn, and Alton had all these different varieties and suggested ways of cooking it. I wanted to follow his advice and see if it really made a difference in the taste, but when I went shopping I found the only type of unpopped popcorn which wasn't in a microwave bag which Shaws carried was Orville.

Also for that matter, I could not find a stainless steel bowl with a round bottom at either Shaws, Linens N Things or the cooking store at the Mall of NH. There were some with large flat bottoms, but I think what Alton used was more like a wok. Hm... maybe I should just get a wok?

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  1. It's not in Manchester, but I'd strongly recommend you check out this site for exactly what you're looking for. You should pick up a whirley-pop, and buy an assortment of their popcorns I'd just stick to peanut oil from the supermarket). After searching for sources in Boston and coming up empty, this is who I order from.

    1. I found some in Bedford today at the Marshalls in the Bedford Mall. It came in a decorative glass jar, and was very affordable, but I have forgotten the exact price. The woman working stocking the shelves said they often get things like this is, and it is always good to check places like HomeGoods and TJMAXX as well as they are all part of the same corporate retail owner. I know she is right because I have seen it in HomeGoods as well in the past but I have not been in lately so I could not attest to the fact they do have it right this moment,

        1. Cooking Matters on Main St. in Nashua has a lot of different popcorn varieties. Not expensive either. They also have gourmet popcorn seasonings. I just tried the sour cream and onion one and it was fantastic.

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