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Craving for good fudge

Anywhere in Toronto, preferably Yonge Street or east. I've never had much luck making it myself :)

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  1. I LOVE fudge.....The only fudge that I have found in Toronto is the NEW fudge that Loblaws P.C just brought out in the early winter...I believe it's called "Butter Fudge" and there is also one called 'Maple Butter Fudge...they are fantastic. I have tasted Fudge wherever I travel and this P.C product is really, really good! I would put it up against ANY fudge in Toronto.
    There is some EXCELLENT fudge that I get as a gift/order myself...comes from MURDICK'S in Martha's Vineyard...My favourite of theirs is 'chocolate peanut butter'.....I don't usually have any trouble with Canadian Customs as long as it's under $25.00....If in Savannah, GA the "Savannah Candy Company also makes good fudge and killer(!!) Pralines...but they won't send to Canada.....for shame!


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      Ed's Real Scoop on Queen St. E, in the Beaches has a few varieties homemade fudge.

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        Ed's Real Scoop
        2224 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E1E9, CA

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          Ed's Real Scoop
          2224 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4E1E9, CA

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        I meant to say the only Fudge in Toronto that I 'like' is from Loblaws PC....not that it is the 'only' fudge available here....I buy fudge anywhere and everywhere in Toronto that I see it.... candy stores, CNE, One of A Kind, have even gone to Church Bake Sales in search of the 'elusive' best one!!!

      3. Thank you everyone! Have you ever been to the fudge shop in Niagara on the Lake? Yum! If you're ever there, you must stop in.

        1. I had the best fudge of my life at the EX in the food building in 2007. The place was called Ye Olde Fudge Pot. I mean this was amazing fudge. I think they are based out of Niagara but you could possibly order some. Sry I cant help you any further. I am on the hunt for fudge in T.O as well.

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            I have seen it at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory - their outlets are usually in touristy places but I beleive their is a small shop in the basement of the First Canadian Place. Never tried it myself but their pecan brittle is amazing!

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              I've had their Fudge as well............they don't hold a candle to Murdick's!
              Since the Loblaws P.C. fudge is limited to only two flavours I wouldn't compare them to Murdick's simply because it wouldn't be fair with only two kinds. There is also a really great Fudge available in Wakefield, Quebec but they don't have a website.

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                Just threw away a half a box of Mudricks chocolate peanut butter fudge this week, as I didn't want to be tempted to eat it.
                My grandkids finished the chocolate fudge.
                It is delicious, but too creamy.

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                  Hey 'erly'.............Oh NO!....I would have sent you my address here in Jamaica! I got a box of 3 slabs (2 choc-peanut butter & 1 choc) in November for my birthday! I ate them ALL by MYSELF...yes, delicious, yes, creamy, yes, dellicious & creamy!!! Yes, what a piggy thing to do!!! ............oooooooooooh!

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                    So is Murdick's worth ordering all the way to toronto????? I order Garrets popcorn from Chicago and it is worth it but is this fudge the best???

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                      If you love smooth and creamy yes!
                      It is delicious
                      I prefer a crunch, and a soft inside.

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                        Only if you like your Fudge to be smooth and creamy all the way through...it can keep (?) for a pretty long time if you seal it in good plastic bag and keep it in the freezer...I don't believe it suffers in either taste or texture once defrosted.

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                          Ok I looked up Murdick's online and they are closed for the season, noooooo. Have to wait until april.Any other suggestions?

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                            Will you be in Ottawa any time soon...there is some pretty awesome (my 3rd choice) Fudge sold in the Byward Market...don't know the name but could probably find out (I don't even know if the MKT is open in the Winter) My second best Fudge( to Murdick's) is made in Wakefield Quebec (about a 45 + minute drive from Ottawa , my very good friend lives in Wakefield ( since it is a 'summerish resort town' they might be closed in the Winter too.........I will try to find out the names of both places...let me know....Is it worth the drive to Ottawa??? For me, yes...but mostly it's about seeing my friend when I visit...........

          2. Nutty Chocolatier on Queen Street in the Beach sells it I beleive.

            1. I agree that the PC fudge is great....by far the best I have ever tasted is Maple Leaf Fudge in Niagra on the Lake. it is an open kitchen, so you can watch them make it. They used to have a booth at the CNE, but no longer.
              I have been searching for fudge that compares, but no luck! I may just search for a web site...see if I can order some by mail!

              1. Have any of you fudge aficionados in Toronto come across grainy, melt in your mouth fudge? I LOVE fudge, but not the smooth and creamy kind. I've given up on trying commercial fudge - even the small places - as they're all too creamy. My 'source' has been the now too-elderly mother of a friend who no longer has the strength to make it. I can make it myself, but...

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                  .....sorry I can't help you...I only like the 'creamy through and through kind'..whenever you see a Church/Community/School Bake sale...I'd give them a try....even though I have found the Fudge of MY dreams I still stop my car and go into anywhere that's having a Bake Sale (buy other stuff besides Fudge...ie: homemade preserves etc., Baking etc.) It's fun and the money supports good causes..........