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Feb 3, 2008 01:51 PM


Does anyone know of a place to get good Greek food? Is there any sort of "Greektown" here?

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  1. No "Greektown". Went to the relatively new El Greco a few weeks back. Ho hum...

    1. Rumor has it that Athenian Grill will be re-opening in it's new location on 6th sometime in March.

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        I have read good thinsg about this place on an earlier thread. I hope I get the chance to try them out!

      2. I kinda like Tino's Greek Cafe. It's counter service with a selection of sides and entrees. One at Brodie and Slaughter and another somewhere way up 183/Research Blvd.

        Menu at:

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          We went to El Greco Sat., after we watched Anthony Bourdain's show, in Crete, had a mad craving for grilled octopus. So I punched in grilled octopus and El Greco and Fino, seemed to be the options, reading about Fino on here was a bit worried, so went with El Greco and unfortunatley it was not like Greece, fresh off the grill hot and tasty and the balsamic just threw off the whole taste, so we are still on the search, may give Fino a try?
          We were a bit confused also, my husband was getting a gyro and she said pork or chicken, hmmmm, where's the meat? So he had a chicken soulvaki sandwich instead and was very happy and he enjoyed the taziki also.
          We will stick with Zorba Greek in round rock, nothing fancy, but everything we have had is wonderful... in comparsion to Greece it is right on. Except no grilled octopus.

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            I'm originally from Crete and I saw the same episode of No Reservations and was nostalgic for those flavors. Yummy... We went to Tino's right after that to satisfy my craving for some good Greek. The gyro was ok but everything else was not good. I will definitely try El Greco, Fino and Zorba Greek. I am on a quest and if I don't find what I'm looking for I may just have to take my dad's recipes and start cooking for myself! Thanks for your suggestions!

          1. I agree that El Greco was disappointing. I tried to order a gyro with two sides like I thought the menu said I got, and the cashier asked if I wanted the platter. I said yes and all that came was the "traditional gyro" (pork??) meat, and the two sides. I had a craving for feta. bah.

            I'll give it another try sooner or later, they had a lot of dishes I haven't had yet.