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Oct 16, 2001 11:43 PM

Cynthia's Restaurant - any bad experiences???

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Hey, I have never been to Cynthia's restaurant, but I have heard so many bad things about it (like her touching people and yelling etc.), so I wanted to come here and find it if its really that bad, please let me know!!!!

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  1. Cynthia tries to create and intimate party atmosphere. That does involve more than a bit of touching and loud talking. If that is a problem, you really should not go. The food was OK and a bit pricey. She also plays favorites. We went with regulars and she fawned over us/them all night. I never went back. She was very busy the night we were there. It's not for everyone.

    1. The food can be good - tuna tartare appetizer is quite good - but WAY too expensive for what really is just another neighborhood restaurant.

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        Every girl I have ever brought to this restaurant has always been referred to as "princess". It became quite a joke. I'd tell whoever I brought with me to expect it, and sure enough, it always happened. Other than that, Cynthia was always very friendly, in a Hollywoodish sort of way.

        The blackberry cobbler is one of the best desserts I have ever had, but I stopped going there after we were turned away one night just comming in for dessert. Apparently, the policy was changed because too many people were just comming in for the cobbler. On this particular night, the place was virtually empty so it wasn't like we were taking away a table they'd be needing.

        1. Yeah, I would echo what someone else said about noise. That's been my only complaint. I find the food very solid, and have found Cynthia to be nothing but charming and welcoming. It's just a noisy place when it's full.

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            You know your comment re: noise makes me wonder about all the restaurant's like Cynthia's where noise is a problem.

            Why do restauranteurs put hard tile floors in big open rooms? This is one of my big pet peeves for restaurant interior designs, because when you get a big crowd, the noise invariable bounces off the hard floor creating a din. I've been in some places where I have to yell at my tablemate to be heard.