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Feb 3, 2008 01:19 PM

Splendid Table-NPR

I have listened to this programs for years, mainly because it comes on during times that I am on my way to here or there. Today I was driving around and listening to Lynn Rostteo Casper talk to the author of United States of Arugula, to the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand, and to the Sterns. I am thinking, holy cow, this is a pretty broad swath of people! The amazing part to me was how well she was able to paint a picture with her own words and the way she coaxes words out of her guests, especially impressive since its radio, nothing visual involved except in our minds. She is able to feed that fertile source of imagery by her words, not an easy task. Just thought I'd mention that since I rarely see any comments on her and her program and I am sick of bashing FN. Its fuutile, but it does make me feel better after I do it.

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  1. Thanks for that - reminds to see if she is on the air in the NYC area - I keep thinking she must be, but never seem to catch the show.

    Edit - well, I'm not crazy - she's not on in the Manhattan area, unfortunately:

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    1. re: MMRuth

      You can always podcast the show.

      1. re: KTinNYC

        or stream it online, I believe.

        I agree with the OP. Lynne Rossetto Kasper really has a wonderful way with words. Her two books, "The Splendid Table," and The Italian Country Table," are among the most food-spotted in my collection.

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          And if you've never read "The Italian Country Table", bring a hankie to her introduction, about going to her cousin's farm in Italy for the wine grape harvest. Quite simply, it is one of the finest pieces of storytelling I've ever seen. That's what makes Kasper's stuff good, on radio and on the page. She is an outstanding storyteller. We love the show, and the weekly "Weeknight Kitchen" newsletter available by email.

    2. Thanks to a writeup here, I've subscribed to her podcast (you can burn a CD if you don't have a player, or listen online). Excellent show.

      1. I caught her today, and try to whenever my Sunday afternoons allow. My gosh was her description of that polenta amazing or what?! I've always wondered how the call-in segment works though. Does she have all those amazing ideas completely off the cuff or does she have a heads up and is able to come up with answers/ ideas before addressing the caller live on air?

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          we heard that polenta description too! I was wishing we had a pen in the car to right it all down...sounded delicious and now I'll be craving polenta all week!

          We enjoy her show a lot....and try to listen every week.

          1. re: enbell

            I believe that if you call the Splendid Table phone #, you're asked to leave a message outlining your question, and if the staff likes it you'll get a return call from a producer so you can amplify your request, arrange to be available to have your call recorded for the broadcast, etc. The producers and Lynne are then able to work up notes for her answer before she actually speaks to you. Car Talk uses the same method (hope this doesn't disillusion any Click & Clack fans).

            I often see Lynne shopping at my local food co-op. I've been known to trail her at a discreet distance and buy the same seasonal produce that goes into her basket. I figure she knows what's at its peak. <grin>

            1. re: mcgeary

              Thank you for the insight, it makes sense - especially with mechanical issues (now if only I could figure out those puzzlers!) Oh my gosh I would totally try and stalk her if she were in our co-op, but there's no way I'd manage to be as tactiful as you :)

              1. re: mcgeary

                Why don't you just speak to her? LIke Julia was, she is very approachable.

                1. re: ChefJune

                  Garrison Keillor also lives in this neighborhood, so we are all well trained not to make eye contact with local celebrities. tee hee! No, actually, if I found myself checking out the kale with her I'd likely say something small-talky, just as I would to any other fellow shopper, but my natural inclination as an introvert is to leave the woman alone to get her shopping done.

                2. re: mcgeary

                  i've also seen her at farmer's markets locally.

              2. Great post. I just adore, Lynn Rosetto Casper. Not many people could pull of a cooking show on the radio and make it so wonderfully interesting.

                For those hounds that don't know, you can listen to many of her shows as they are available to stream from her website.

                1. ...and you can sign up for newsletters as well. I get one once a week with a lovely idea/recipe for a midweek meal.