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Feb 3, 2008 12:37 PM

Eat Sydney (With The Kids)

We are heading over to Sydney for a long weekend and we'd really like some recommendations of some of the better child-friendly foodie destinations (we are taking our two boys with us; a 9 week old and 2 year old). We are staying in the CBD and but will be venturing out to Paddington on one of the days and are ideally we are looking for great food markets, delis and restaurants in or around Syndey.

Firstly, coffee. We love it, but we've never really found a great coffee stop in Sydney, so any recommendations in the CBD would be great so we can start our day fully charged. We also love our breakfasts and we've heard good things about Bills, so that is one of the potentials. Any other good breakfast places?

Finally ,we need a good place for lunch and dinner on the Sunday as we will be celebrating my husbands birthday. We are considering dining at The Establishment again (we ate there a year ago whilst our eldest slept next to us in his buggy) but would love to know where else you'd all recommend.


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  1. growers markets are on:
    1st Saturday of the month - Pyrmont
    3rd Saturday of the month - North Sydney

    Every Saturday (and Wednesday) at the entertainment quarter at fox studios, although the standard of this market is not as good as the above 2.

    Other "organic" markets do the rounds of inner sydney suburbs, but note I use inverted commas.

    Breakfast & child friendly & covering the market requirement on the saturday (not open on Sunday) you could visit Fratelli Fresh, Danks st waterloo, and dine upstairs at Sopra or up the road at Dank St Depot.

    Bird Cow Fish in Surry Hills does a great breakfast, and apparently Kells Kitchen (under the Kirketon in Darlinghurst) is heading for "great breakfast place" status but I have nothing to verify that.

    A child friendly round up of the usual suspects would of course include wagamama - littered throughout the city - easy to eat, mild on flavours, big communal tables... although for a more authentic noodle experience try a food court in china town. Alternately head to yum cha - marigold, sky phoenix, and palace chinese (castelreagh st) are all credit worthy.

    whilst the CBD is relatively compact, the social fringe is outside the CBD particularly during the weekend... not sure where you are staying or what transport you have available... but with two littlies I have tried to keep the recommendations above within reach of our less.than.satisfactory. public transport...

    If you can be more specific about likes & dislikes, then of course more specific and better advice can be given. Coffee on the weekend in CBD may be equally awkward - without the suits to sustain business, many of the coffee bars are closed... Let someone else advise on that but if you are at the East end of town, Darlinghurst will be heaving for weekend coffee fixes!

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      Many thanks for that, we'll try some of those out.

      In terms of preferences, we like.modern australian cuisine (hence the previous .est booking) and we'd be keen to know where and who is currently top of the crop. Other than that we are keen to try some of the best seafood and fusion restaurants, but are open to any other suggestions.

      We are staying at the harbour end of the CBD and actually we are quite flexible about jumping in a minibus cab with the kids if there is a really special place in a outlying suburb (our eldest has been coming to restaurants with us since he was born).

      We've currently shortlisted Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Bilsons, Pier, Guillaume at Bennelong, .est and Iceberg (we are thinking about the birthday lunch here) and would appreciate any feedback of these.


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        sounds like you know what you are doing!
        have you checked out gourmet traveller on line - i find their reviews remarkably accurate.