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Feb 3, 2008 12:27 PM

Las Vegas: Post Wedding Group Meal <$50 per head

My soon-to-be-wife and I are getting married in LV next month, and are looking for a good restaurant to host an after ceramony get together.
We have the short list of great places to eat on our own, but are looking for something middle of the road for our less into food family with a menu that wont make anyone uncomfortable. Finally, if possible, we'd like to stay around $50 a head.


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  1. well, how many are in the party??? If it's a small group like under 25 people, then my next question would be what kinda food do you like/want???? I know a great mexican place called Ricardo's that does wedding receptions all the time, located alittle ways past the Palms casino on Flamingo road. Or if you want alittle more upscale, try the Bootlegger Bistro on LVB, about 1 mile from Mandalay Bay Hotel.

    1. Paul,

      I got married in Vegas last September, and it was the best thing ever!

      If you Google any Vegas travel site, you can navigate to tons of restaurants in the city, most of which offer Group dinners and menus from $40 dollars and up. Generally, drinks and Wedding cake are extra.

      Since our party included some special cases (vegetarians, and extremely picky eaters) we flew by the seats of our pants and took the to the Buffet at the Wynn. The only problem is, you can't make a reservation. So we elected someone (we figured this could be a Maid of Honor duty) to go to the restaurant and put in our request for about 20 people, while the rest of us gathered in the casino. Within a few moments, they had arranged a private room out of the main dining room for us(And this was on a Friday night). Everyone got to eat exactly what they liked, and I have to say that the drink bill was about half of what I expected. The price per head for the buffet was 39.95, I believe.

      Anyway, that's what worked for us. Good luck!

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        If you eventually go this route, I think it would be wise to call the buffet you decide on a couple of hours in advance; they might be able to have a table put together for you when you arrive. Mentioning that you're bringing the group there after a wedding can work some magic in your favor.

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          We actually did call the buffet in advance, but due to policy they were unable to hold a spot for us. But this policy may change according to day of the week, time of party and even on the person who answers the phone that day.

          I agree that saying that you are a Wedding Party is a good idea. The folks along the Strip have a lot of experience with wedding groups both elaborate and impromptu, and can give you a lot of advice to help you find what will work for you.

          I honestly think that the best first step is to call the hotel at which you will be staying and talk to the Concierge. I'm positive they will have a ton of suggestions.

      2. Perhaps McCormick & Schmicks, just off the strip, they probably could get you a private room, just call. Here is a menu.

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          1. where did you land up doing? im looking for something simuliar 09/2014.