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Feb 3, 2008 12:13 PM

Valentines Day Dinner - Western Suburbs


My husband and I are trying to figure out a nice place to go to for Valentines day for dinner. we live in Glendale Heights and are around Bloomingdale, Addison, and Lombard. That evening we both will be traveling from Chicago home after work so are also open to suggetions that are on the way home.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a nice place for a romantic dinner? We are both open as to what types of food but I am a vegetarian so would like some options.


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  1. Check with Sequel in Lombard (on the north side of Yorktown Mall center, close to the service road that goes to the new Westin Hotel). It used to be Bistro Banlieue and still serves excellent food in a charming atmosphere, which many would call romantic. Suggest you contact them first about vegetarian options, then see if they have places available for that night