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Kapoosh Knife block??

Has anyone ever heard of a Kapoosh knife block?

I was at a bridal shower recently and the couple received this knife block:



I had never seen anything like it. You can read a little review of it here:


Anyone heard of it? Anyone have it? Anyone know if it really would be ok to use with quality knives or not?

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  1. hated it, returned it the next day. the knives don't really stay put where they should and end up clunking up against each other. don't waste your money - all you'll do is damage good knives.

    1. I bought one from BB and B, and am very happy with it! I put the heavier knives on the bottom so that they don't sink. They have stayed sharp, and the only problem I had was when I got a Wusthof Crust Buster bread knife--it's so sharp I cut a few strands of Kapoosh the first time I inserted it. It will hold a lot of small knives if you have them. I recommend it.

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        I put all the longer knives at the top because ... they're longer. And a lot of little knives across the bottom. Get it at Bed, Beat & Beyond with the 20% off coupon. If you get it by mail you have to pay all that shipping.

      2. I have one- got it for free, though. Lots of different knifes here, so other alternative would be to get a magnetic strip for the wall (not possible in current kitchen layout.) I've been using it for about 2 months now and the little pin things are very slowly starting to come out of the block. I'm not having the trouble with the knifes moving around, but I've got the stupid thing so packed that there really is no space for movement. And, my big serrated knife-and I think one other one, is too long for it. If I could, I'd be using the magnetic strips again.

        1. I bought mine last year, and love it. Lots of room for all my knives, and have had no other problems with it. Go for it, after all it's only $29.95 and the 20% off coupon!

          1. ok, i guess i'm in the minority here. if everyone else loves theirs so much, go for it.

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              Hay, being in the minority is just fine. Everyone can't like it, except that a friend went to Linens and Things, and there were all sold out! I guess a lot do! One of my friends does have the magnetic strip, and it is wonderful, except that I have run out of wall space.

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                for 35 years, more often than not i've been in the minority...and i'm fine with that :)

                i'm partial to a traditional wood knife block, but i've always liked the idea of the magnetic strip...maybe i'll try it in my new place in NY depending on the walls.

            2. I've had one for a few months now & think it's great. When we remodeled our kitchen I didn't have a good place for the magnetic knife strip, & my collection of odd knives won't fit an all wood block, so this seemed to be a good solution - and it is.

              1. It s unfortunate indeed that bachlava can't use a magnetic strip, which in this former chef's opinion is far and away the best way to store knives. (Easy to clean, organize, out of the way -- the only drawback is that one strip isn't quite strong enough for heavier knives/cleavers -- so I use two, one a little below the other.)

                My biggest complaint about knife blocks is cleanliness, and according to the review linked to above is still a problem with the Kapoosh. Grit, dust, etc. get inside. While I'm sure you're all immaculate, if others less so work around the block little pieces of blech can get stuck inside as well.

                Decades ago I saw a knife block I dearly would love to find again; not for me but for people like the OP. It was a clear plexiglass box with a removable lid. (I almost wrote "removable id", which would be remarkable indeed...) The lid had slots in it for the knives, and the whole unit easily went into the dishwasher. I found a flat similar box at a local restaurant supply place, but it, like the magnetic strips, is wall mounted.

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                  I am not actually in the market to buy a knife block or place to store my knives at the moment. I have a crappy set of knives in the block that they came in, and I'm slowly slowly starting to invest in some really good quality knives one at a time. Asking about the kapoosh was more out of curiosity at the moment. And if it had negative reviews, it was out the window. So, you think the magnetic strips are the way to go period? I mean unless that clear knife block was still around.

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                    I love the the magnets. If you have wall space that's not far from your work space and can reach -- and one that's not too close. (So if one falls it won't stab you -- something that I've never done but it's a reasonable precaution.)

                    I bought mine at a restaurant supply place. Here's an online site ---it might be cheaper, too, but it's been so long I don't remember what I paid. They have styles I hadn't seen before as well.


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                      Magnet on the wall is my favorite mainly because I don't want anything hogging any more counter space than necessary. ;-) You don't have to spend a lot to get one that works fine; pretty sure mine was under $20 for a stainless one I bought at Amazon as I recall.

                  2. I have the stainless steel model, and love it. I think that it is a bit deeper than the wooden one and takes up a bit more space. I have the larger knives so they rest on the bottom, and it holds the Wusthof 8" chefs knife well, along with other long knives.

                    I don't put the serrated bread knife in it because I am afraid that it will shred the rods, but it holds the others very well. The stainless model has a second spot that I use for the smaller paring knives.

                    As far as cleaning, the rods are all attached at the bottom so the rods can be put in the dish washer (as described in the owner's manual).

                    I would prefer a magnet strip, but in a rental, I cannot screw into the walls.


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                      Heh, I attached stuff to the walls in all of my rentals, including in some cases big self-drilling wall anchors for shelves or other heavy stuff. My last rental had the most. I was there about 3 years. I pulled the stuff out and then filled the holes with some standard wall patching goo before I left. They painted, no problem. It wasn't a particularly fancy rental, so a quick slap it on paint job with little imperfections was all they were going to do anyway, all they've ever done. But it wasn't a low-rent place either as they certainly cared about the condition I left things in. They had no problem with what I did, got all my deposit back. I didn't even ask permission, just did it. Would do it again, too. Right now I am in my own house though.

                      Varies widely by landlord I'm sure, but I wouldn't just write off attaching things to walls. I mean, you hang pictures right? ;-) Also, another possibility is hanging the magnet and leaving it there when you vacate the rental unit. Highly doubt the owners will have an issue with this option, wouldn't cost that much.

                    2. This Eva Solo block is worth a look.....Takes 15+ knives in a flexible plastic concertina within the aluminium case and looks better than it photographs.


                      1. I have the Kapoosha and both my wife and I like it. We even bought a second one to store our knives in, We have a Global, a Shun, a Forschner, a Brazilian knife, a Wusthof, an older Japanese knife, a boning knife, even a Cutco, so no knife block would hold them all. I used to use a magnetic strip but my wife didn't like that. So this has worked reasonably well. Only problem is the knives often leave some of the edge exposed, and if you aren't careful you could cut yourself. Also the newer one seems less tightly packed and allows you to put the knife in more easily (no big deal). And of course the price is right if you get it at Bed Bath & Beyond or Linens... because they give those 20% discount coupons. So all in all they're convenient, they cost less than the slotted knife blocks, they do a reasonable job of holding a lot of knives of all sizes. Not bad, when you consider it all. And they look okay in the kitchen on the counter.

                        1. Reminds me a bit of this one:
                          which you could probably make at home for 1/10 the cost.

                          1. I'm in the market for a block as well for some varried knives, anyone have a sense of how many larger knives would fit? namely 2 chef's, santoku, bread and a mariad of other smaller knives?