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Feb 3, 2008 11:45 AM

DTW - New Wine Bar - Grapevine - Novi, MI

We went there Friday night and were EXTREMELY impressed!! Prices were exceptionally reasonable and food was great. We went with a group of 6 - and started out with 2 cheese plates ($12/each) - 3 LARGE chunks of cheese on each accompanied by meats/olives/dried fruits. They offer 20 wines by the glass (ranging from $3-9) and very large bottle selection with great wines starting at about $15/bottle! (We were told that wine flights were coming soon.) The chef is a graduate of Schoolcraft and you could tell s/he paid a great deal of attention to presentation and good quality ingredients. I ordered the Beet Salad (I think $7) - very unique and used golden and "regular" beets. A few others ordered pizzas ($9) - also great. For "tapas" style, I thought the portions were quite generous. We also ordered 4 desserts! In total after 4 bottles of wine, 4 individual glasses of wine, 2 cheese plates, 8 tapas/entrees, and 4 desserts - the bill came to $80/couple! We all agreed, it was a great value and we'll definitely return! Service was laid back (in a good way) and casual and their sommelier is well versed and also teaches classes @ Schoolcraft.

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    1. re: buttermonkey

      can't remember his name - but he has a distinctive mustache and used to work at Colasanti's in Milford.

      1. re: 46137

        by chance do you know who the chef is?

        1. re: royaloaker

          The chef is Polly Brown, a personal friend and excellent chef! We expect to celebrate her latest endeavor tomorrow evening wtih a group of friends.

          1. re: mjcampbell

            ah, i know polly... i'm sure she will do a very nice job there.

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          I believe that would be Lee Hershey. This is a nice venue. I stopped in last week and found the food to be good, if not great; in other words, nothing sucked. I'd go back.

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        1. Where, exactly, is it located? What cheeses were on the plate? Good review; I'm sure we'll try it.

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            I don't remember exactly (I do remember a sage cheddar?) - what impressed me was when we asked the waiter he wasn't quite sure - went back and asked the chef - came back with the list and said "If you order it again, they will be different, we keep our stock small and have a lot of turnover." - GREAT answer! :)

          2. Went to the Grapevine tonight, it is located on Main Street, just South of Grand River Avenue. We had a wonderful evening, compliments to the Chef Polly Brown. We had numerous entrees, some favorites were the Fresh tomato and buffalo mozzrella salad, garlic green beans w/balsamic glaze, gorgonzola and toasted walnuts, beef tips in roasted 3 pepper demi glace and the creme brulee w/crispy brown sugar crust and the hot apple cinnamon cake with caramel sauce and we all had numerous wonderful wines!! Our waiter was wonderful and never let us run dry of anything. We also had a special visit from our friend Chef Polly Brown. Thanks for such a wonderful evening, Mark and Polly!!! I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a fine wine and dining experience.

            1. I have to admit that I have been waiting since 2006 for this place to open and trust me it was well worth the wait. The prices are great, the wine selection is really nice and the food is good. Much more to come! The owner and his family all work there and that really makes it even better!