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Feb 3, 2008 11:36 AM

Good Colombian Restaurants in Dade County

I have a friend coming in, who would like to try Colombian food, I was wondering if anyone had any recomendations? We are willing to travel, but we live in the south miami area.

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  1. Macita's Latin Restaurant in South Dade Shopping Center on the east side of US1 between Quail Roost and Eureka is very good. My sister-in-law who is from Colombia seems to like it a lot, so I guess that it is pretty authentic.

    I've only eaten there twice, but enjoyed it both times...

    1. El Rinconcito Paisa, a Colombian chain restaurant in Miami-Dade, is pretty solid and good. They have several locations. Their website:

      I also like Al Carbon, on Coral Way for Colombian style empanadas, pinchos, and hot dogs. This is more of an upscale fast food cafe.

      And my parents like the Pan De Bono Colombian bakery by SW 8th St (or Flagler?) and the Palmetto.

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        I thought San Pocho was good but only for the soups. I wouldn't recommend anything else there.

        There's too many good Colombian places out there - the only reason why San Pocho is "famous" is because it's one of the few Colombian places that's available in Little Havana. I would recommend La Moon in nearby Brickell more than San Pocho.

        1. re: mialebven

          Actually -- I 've found San Pocho pretty good -- the whole, deep fried fish is tasty -- as are the small corn-masa empanadas. If you haven't been in since their renovation and expansion, it may be time to try them again.

      2. San Pocho on Calle Ocho and 10th Avenue.. quite good with a full menu.