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Feb 3, 2008 10:04 AM

Osteria de Medici Calgary

I have always wanted to try this restaurant in Kensington for the longest time. I might take my date there on Valentines day.

What are the reviews on this place??
They have the menu on their website . . .but no prices, do ppl know what the general price range is and what I'm looking as for the costs?

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  1. We've only eaten there once, and found it very overpriced (this was way pre-boom, too) with pretentious service. Of course they have their fans.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      I agree, overpriced old school pretentiousness. IMHO there is much better Italian to be had in Calgary: Il Sogno, Capo, Da Guido and La Brezza to name just a few. I'm sure Osteria de Medici has fans, surely they couldn't be in business this long if they didn't...I'm just not one of them.

      1. re: John Manzo

        We had dinner at Osteria this Saturday (party of 2). The food was good (on the expensive end) but the service was severly lacking. It was not busy when we arrived and the service was atrocious. I must agree with previous postings - our waiter was pretentious, and ignored us to brown-nose the 'regulars'. He never asked as if we wanted drinks, we had to flag him down to place our orders - and then he was patronizing. It was a very frustrating experience. We will not be returning.

      2. I also agree. Must be a safe haven for the glitterati because no other reason to choose them.

        1. Lob one more onto the pile. The last time i went, they refused to serve us because of the way we were dressed. Mind you, this was 4 years ago, but i don't imagine things have improved much since then. When they did serve me before that, it was overpriced.

          1. I went there about a year ago and had a great experience. The food was excellent and the service was wonderful. The server filled my wine glass several times but we were only charged for one glass. My after dinner tipsy coffee was also extremely generous on the pour. :)
            My two companions and I were all wearing jeans (no holes) and slightly dressier shirts. Also, I had a blue mohawk at the time. I saw no sign of pretentiousness.
            Maybe I was there on a good night but I would give it a shot if the food looks good to you.

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            1. re: jodyroo

              I don't find them pretentious but I can find better Italian food elsewhere at the same price point. I have no quibble with service.

            2. Just like entering a time machine and traveling directly to 1978. Unfortunately, you won't pay 1978 prices.