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Feb 3, 2008 09:58 AM

Tallahassee recommendations?

Chowhounds, thanks for all your fabulous advise, your suggestions enabled us to visit and eat in out of the way and way places from California to Maine. This was just last summer, meaning more to go. We live in the Gainesville, FL area and are planning a one day trip to Tallahassee, FL to meet old , really old, friends. We will have one meal together, probably a late lunch. Reading the boards I see Kool Beanz and Sage mentioned. Is there anyone out there with any other recommendations? Thank you all, BB

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  1. If you like Mexican, Los Compadres on N. Monroe is _very_ good and very cheap. Their margaritas are pretty good too

    Also one of my local favs is La Pitaria on Tennessee St.. They're really good Greek food.

    1. Kool Beanz is alright, not great. Went to Sage recently, was very disappointed. I have heard good things about Urbane, but have yet to go. Liam's is perhas the best option close to Tally.

      1. Recent posts say stay away from Urbane. IMHO, Kool Beanz isn't conducive to conversation but the food is good. Try Food Glorious Food on Bradford and Thomasville Road. If the weather is pleasant, you can sit outside. For something along the lines of Chop Stix in Gainesville, there's Masa's on North Monroe. Mozaik on Market Street is close to the I-10 Capital Circle/Thomasville Road exit.

        1. You might want to read a variety of reviews on Chowhound because I find Food Glorious Food all right but not nearly in the same league as Sage or Cypress, and I wouldn't eat Mexican food in this town at gunpoint. Liam's is wonderful but it is not the only option in the area, not by far. For down-home lunch go to Shell's and have raw or fried oysters (alert: cash-only). We've enjoyed Cypress and contrary to another post, couldn't finish our portions. Had a good experience at Urbane, so did friends we dined with last week, and may give it another try tonight!

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            When did Shell's Seafood CHAIN open a store in Tallytown?

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              I think she means the Shell Oyster bar on South Monroe....long a staple in Tallahassee. The chain Shells out of Tampa was here several years ago on North Monroe, but did not last long

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                Hmmm, I feel as if I responded to this and my post got pulled (maybe because it linked out to my blog?) but I posted a review of the Shell Oyster Bar on my blog last week. It's really quite wonderful. It's on Oakland between Munroe and Adams. Cash-only. GREAT oysters.

          2. If you are looking for something more casual or laid back try Ray's Steel City Saloon, Miller's ale house (very fun atmosphere), or Hopkins.