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Feb 3, 2008 09:46 AM

The old Grange Hall the new 'Commerce'

I loved the old Grange Hall and was wondering if anyone had any specific details about Harold Moore's Commerce. Will they be sticking to the Grange Hall's simple, mid-western, hearty fare or is this going to become a high-priced destination? The Grange Hall was a restaurant with the perfect price points..the kind of place you always found your self going back to again and again and you never felt guilty for doing so! I'd hate to find out that we're looking at $25-30 entrees....


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  1. I'm guessing from The Strong Buzz report that it is going to be more high end than Grange Hall.

    1. The original comment has been removed
        1. You are indeed looking at $25-30 entrees and the go higher. The drinks are the now West Village "average" of $12. And based on my experience there last night I would recommend giving it a while to work out all the kinks before going. Dinner for three two apps and three entrees with drinks was $270. And IMO based on the service not worth even a 1/3 of that. Hopefully the service and timing of dishes will work better in the future, I will give it another shot. But as I mentioned above, it will be quite some time before that happens.

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            Went this weekend and the atmosphere and food were exceptional. It’s been a while since the West Village has had a place that can rival restaurants in Tribeca.

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              that's one of the weirder comments ive read here in awhile.

              the west village restaurant scene is really horrible huh?

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                  Can you be more specific about what you had and what you liked about it?

              1. I sincerely hope that they will put a fabulous chicken dish (not for sharing) and an unusual burger on the menu; adjust prices; add a vegetarian entree (not fish); and succeed. I love our neighborhood restaurants and would like to support this one.