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Feb 3, 2008 09:32 AM

Green Tea 2 Dim sum- Amazing!

3 of us went today to the new Green Tea 2 in framingham for dimsum.

WOW. We were blown away. Everything came out hot, fresh, and fast. Not 1 dish that wasnt exceptionally excellent. The owner came to our table many times and was very proud to tell us about how they make all the noodles and wrappers from scratch. After the meal i went to tell him how excellent it all was and he brought me into the kitchen to show me how/where they make everything homemade. Very impressive.

Shrimp Dumplings (har gau)- generously sized and full of shrimp, perfectly steamed.

Shrimp & Chive Cake - small expertly panfried on both sides with thin wrappers, loaded with shrimp and chives.

Shu Mai - Typical preperation, but very fresh and hot

Steamed Shrimp Cheung Fun - Homemade noodles with very large shrimp inside. Excellent

Spare Ribs w/ BB sauce- Lighter sauce then im used to, generous amounts of garlic, peppers, etc.. very tasty.

Vegetarian Bean Curd Wrap - This one was loaded with mushrooms and had sort of an egg dipped fry to it.

Taro Cake - Similar to a turnip cake but with chunks of taro. Pan fried on both sides to a golden crisp skin.

Stuffed eggplant with shrimp - huge pieces of chinese eggplant, sliced open and stuffed with shrimp paste like a sandwhich. Not the typical small chunk with a bit on the top like you get in boston.

Szechuan spicy wontons - Bean sprouts and dumplings in a mildly spicy sauce. Huge portion. Not spicy like you would get at a Szechuan restaurant but very tasty.

Three Delight Fried Rice Sticks - one of the highlights. thick rice noodle chips, shrimp, chicken and pork all browned/pan fried perfectly. Excellent.

The quality, freshness and flavors were all better then most dishes i have had in Boston. I had been to Green Tea Newton several times but this was also much better then there. Larger portions, faster service, hotter, tastier.

You gotta try it!

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  1. So good to hear! I just saw an ad for this place today and wondered about it. Thanks for posting - I always enjoy reading your posts.

    1. You have just made my day! We'll be there next weekend. Especially excited about the stuffed eggplant with shrimp, taro cake, and shrimp & chive cake (my fave).

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      1. re: chowcat

        I will likely be there again next weekend too! Will bring my camera which i forgot today. There are many more items for us to try. 3 of us just barely finished the above list.

        1. re: chowcat

          Usually get a few looks from people wondering who the freaks are taking photos of their food!

          I forgot to mention. No MSG buzz at all from this place.

      2. Sounds promising -- are there carts, or do we just order off the menu? I hate ordering off the menu because I never know what the English names are. I don't even know the Mandarin names because my parents do all the ordering, and it's hard for just two people (me and my husband) to get a good variety of dim sum, so we only go with my parents.

        This is the restaurant that used to be a Japanese one, right? Like on the corner by route 9?

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        1. re: taterjane

          This is ordering off the menu. I posted the menu link above. Yes it used to be a japanese place called michi kusa

        2. Has anyone been to the original Green Tea in Newton? Is their dimsum just as good?

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          1. re: gltsoi

            I have been to the one in Newton many times. I found the framingham one to be better. Larger portions, hotter, came out faster, tastier. However the one in Newton is very good too. I think Framingham may have the edge because its new and it was not very crowded at all either. Newton gets full so the kitchen i think is under more pressure. Same menu/owners.

            1. re: hargau

              Do you have the address and what days/hours do they serve dim sum? Thanks.

          2. Based on your opinion. I will go there A.S.A.P. I do not like Green Tea in Newton. Hope this new restaurant can save us from the trip of travelling to town.

            I take pictures of the food all the times. When my hubby complains, I tells him that we have to pray before we eat.

            Next time if you guys see a girl taking pictures of a dish from at least five angles, that freak is me.

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            1. re: sheila

              what dont you like at green tea newton? I know your a big fan of bbq pork buns, i dont even know if they have them. I think we usually get different sort of items. The menu here is the same as Newton, we just found it better.

              1. re: hargau

                Thank you for remembering that I love BBQ pork buns which I tried to make them at home over the last weekend.

                To me, dim sum at Green Tea Newton is like Grade-B chicken wings to me. They are not bad but just not good enough to attract me to go back again and again.

                1. re: sheila

                  hmm we have always liked what we have got in Newton too. Well if you try framingham let me know if you like it. I look at the suburban order off the menu places as a different experience then the boston cart scenes. Cant really compare the 2. The carts have their advantages in terms of variety, being able to see the stuff 1st, etc... But the menu places surpass in freshness,temperature, being cooked proper, etc.. If you look at the green tea menu they mostly have steamed or panfried sort of items, not much for deep fried or baked. I will post some photos next sunday