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Green Tea 2 Dim sum- Amazing!

3 of us went today to the new Green Tea 2 in framingham for dimsum. http://www.greenteaframingham.com/ima...

WOW. We were blown away. Everything came out hot, fresh, and fast. Not 1 dish that wasnt exceptionally excellent. The owner came to our table many times and was very proud to tell us about how they make all the noodles and wrappers from scratch. After the meal i went to tell him how excellent it all was and he brought me into the kitchen to show me how/where they make everything homemade. Very impressive.

Shrimp Dumplings (har gau)- generously sized and full of shrimp, perfectly steamed.

Shrimp & Chive Cake - small expertly panfried on both sides with thin wrappers, loaded with shrimp and chives.

Shu Mai - Typical preperation, but very fresh and hot

Steamed Shrimp Cheung Fun - Homemade noodles with very large shrimp inside. Excellent

Spare Ribs w/ BB sauce- Lighter sauce then im used to, generous amounts of garlic, peppers, etc.. very tasty.

Vegetarian Bean Curd Wrap - This one was loaded with mushrooms and had sort of an egg dipped fry to it.

Taro Cake - Similar to a turnip cake but with chunks of taro. Pan fried on both sides to a golden crisp skin.

Stuffed eggplant with shrimp - huge pieces of chinese eggplant, sliced open and stuffed with shrimp paste like a sandwhich. Not the typical small chunk with a bit on the top like you get in boston.

Szechuan spicy wontons - Bean sprouts and dumplings in a mildly spicy sauce. Huge portion. Not spicy like you would get at a Szechuan restaurant but very tasty.

Three Delight Fried Rice Sticks - one of the highlights. thick rice noodle chips, shrimp, chicken and pork all browned/pan fried perfectly. Excellent.

The quality, freshness and flavors were all better then most dishes i have had in Boston. I had been to Green Tea Newton several times but this was also much better then there. Larger portions, faster service, hotter, tastier.

You gotta try it!

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  1. So good to hear! I just saw an ad for this place today and wondered about it. Thanks for posting - I always enjoy reading your posts.

    1. You have just made my day! We'll be there next weekend. Especially excited about the stuffed eggplant with shrimp, taro cake, and shrimp & chive cake (my fave).

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        I will likely be there again next weekend too! Will bring my camera which i forgot today. There are many more items for us to try. 3 of us just barely finished the above list.

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          Usually get a few looks from people wondering who the freaks are taking photos of their food!

          I forgot to mention. No MSG buzz at all from this place.

      2. Sounds promising -- are there carts, or do we just order off the menu? I hate ordering off the menu because I never know what the English names are. I don't even know the Mandarin names because my parents do all the ordering, and it's hard for just two people (me and my husband) to get a good variety of dim sum, so we only go with my parents.

        This is the restaurant that used to be a Japanese one, right? Like on the corner by route 9?

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          This is ordering off the menu. I posted the menu link above. Yes it used to be a japanese place called michi kusa

        2. Has anyone been to the original Green Tea in Newton? Is their dimsum just as good?

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            I have been to the one in Newton many times. I found the framingham one to be better. Larger portions, hotter, came out faster, tastier. However the one in Newton is very good too. I think Framingham may have the edge because its new and it was not very crowded at all either. Newton gets full so the kitchen i think is under more pressure. Same menu/owners.

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              Do you have the address and what days/hours do they serve dim sum? Thanks.

          2. Based on your opinion. I will go there A.S.A.P. I do not like Green Tea in Newton. Hope this new restaurant can save us from the trip of travelling to town.

            I take pictures of the food all the times. When my hubby complains, I tells him that we have to pray before we eat.

            Next time if you guys see a girl taking pictures of a dish from at least five angles, that freak is me.

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              what dont you like at green tea newton? I know your a big fan of bbq pork buns, i dont even know if they have them. I think we usually get different sort of items. The menu here is the same as Newton, we just found it better.

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                Thank you for remembering that I love BBQ pork buns which I tried to make them at home over the last weekend.

                To me, dim sum at Green Tea Newton is like Grade-B chicken wings to me. They are not bad but just not good enough to attract me to go back again and again.

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                  hmm we have always liked what we have got in Newton too. Well if you try framingham let me know if you like it. I look at the suburban order off the menu places as a different experience then the boston cart scenes. Cant really compare the 2. The carts have their advantages in terms of variety, being able to see the stuff 1st, etc... But the menu places surpass in freshness,temperature, being cooked proper, etc.. If you look at the green tea menu they mostly have steamed or panfried sort of items, not much for deep fried or baked. I will post some photos next sunday

            2. We went today and I have to concur: fabulous! Especially when you think of how much time and gasoline you save by going here instead of driving for 1 hour to get to Chinatown -- and how few equally fabulous options there are out here. Though Sichuan Gourmet is a stone's throw from here, and also Big Fresh (our other dining options in the Soulless Shopping Wasteland of Rte 9/Rte 30).

              We had most of the same things as hargau:

              shrimp cheung fun (good to know what this is called - I've always called it "shrimp pillows" because it looks like long pillowcases with shrimp in them). these came out first and were excellent - you could really taste the freshness of both the pasta and the shrimp

              turnip cake (daikon radish) - this was a great rendition with hoisin sauce - crispy exterior, moist and tender. not highly turnip-y but with yummy scraps of pork in it, very savory

              taro cake - never had it before so tried it but it turned out to be very similar to turnip cake. starchier flavor, no pork - good alternative for vegetarians

              scallion pancake - one of the best I've had, with a nice thin dipping sauce with chopped scallions and hot pepper flakes. good crispiness!

              eggplant stuffed with shrimp -- my favorite of the lot - the freshness of both the eggplant and the shrimp were noticeable and made me swoon

              small steamed buns with pork and crab - I think these were XLB or something like that. the flavors were wonderful, especially the crab. these will not rate highly with other folks however: too large, soup inside was reabsorbed by the filling; wrappers tore when I attempted to take one (glued to its neighbors). Yet, they were simply splendid to my mind. they also make ones with just pork.

              shrimp & chive cakes - much smaller than the ones at Hei La Moon or CCC, very fresh dough, excellent chive flavor, not much shrimp in the one I managed to score. probably my fave dimsum item, this wasn't my alltime favorite

              shrimp dumplings (hargau) - we had these last and I was pretty full. usually love these, but these had an egg yolk-y quality instead of the usual delicious garlic or ginger (can't remember what that ingredient is, just that it is more flavorful)

              Note: we got there at 11:30 when they open and were about the 2nd or 3rd party in the place (very nice blond wood interior - modern and airy). By 12:30 when we left the place was full with 1 or 2 parties waiting. However, this is the Saturday after Chinese New Year so it was perhaps busier than normal.

              We will be back!! Wondering whether there is interest in a chowhound outing for the western folks? Galleygirl?

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                Im going back tomorrow with a group of 13 i will take photos to post! Glad to hear you liked it and that they got a crowd. Last week when we were there were not many customers and that worried me!

                1. re: chowcat

                  Yes, we should...I can't find your email!
                  Email me...galleygirlbostonATyahooDOTcom

                2. We went on Saturday also, arriving about 11:40 am (must have crossed paths with chowcat). Definitely by 12:30, the place was full.

                  Food pretty much comes as it's ready, so there wasn't too much of a wait.

                  We ordered way too much for the two of us:

                  Sweet soy milk -- very good, but with me being the only one drinking it, I had about 7 little bowls of it and 1/3 was still left in the dish it came in

                  Scallion pancakes -- lots of scallion, great sauce, but more fried than I like

                  Sesame pancake with beef sandwich - I am conflicted about this. On the one hand, it was fried so much that the entire thing was dark brown and it was quite difficult to chew (I'd had others before and the pancake part was usually mostly white). On the other hand, the meat was marinated really nicely and had much more flavor than we had expected. Very good, meat-wise.

                  Fried sesame balls -- they didn't have that when we went

                  Something called Golden Sticky Rice Ravioli -- this turned out to be a deep fried ball of sweet dough, with pork bits inside. Surprisingly good despite the grease.

                  Roasted pork bun -- just okay. These are the steamed kind with the white dough on the outside, not the baked ones. I think because we had already eaten so many fried foods by this time that bun seemed more tasteless to us than it would normally.

                  By now we were getting full, and wondering why we had ordered so much.

                  Steamed mini pork buns (xiao long bao) -- tasted okay, but no soup at all, and the doughy outside was kind of thick at the top. We made ourselves finish these because we thought they wouldn't pack well.

                  Hargau -- definitely full by now. This was disappointing because I love hargau normally, and I was lookign forward to it. But as soon as the waitress put down the hargau, I could smell something weird about it. It smelled vingary. I kept sniffing it and finally tried a bit of one. The shrimp was very tough.

                  The owner(?) had come by earlier to see if everything was okay, and she came by again. I mentioned the odd smell of the hargau to her and she picked it up and sniffed it. She apologized, asked if I wanted a new one (I said no, I was too full), said she would take it off our bill, and took it away.

                  She came back later bearing chow foon shrimp "on the house" and explained that they had accidentally mixed up the hargau and given me ones that were meant to be thrown away (or eaten by staff--it was a bit confusing). She apologized profusely.

                  I thought this was really nice because most restaurants will not tell you if (or why) an error occurred, so I was just glad that that she had been willing to come back and let me know I wasn't imagining the hargau problem.

                  We also ordered something called steam bun with mushroom and pork but it didn't show up, and we didn't ask for it because quite frankly we were relieved not to have received any more food as we were completely stuffed.

                  Bill came to $30 for 2 of us, but we did not order drinks.

                  Definitely a place we will try again -- it is very promising, and the owner/manager handled the one problem we had very well. A little less time in the deep fryer, and it would have been very, very good.

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                    13 of us went back to Green Tea 2 today. We found everything to be once again excellent. I took tons of photos and put them on my dimsumtimes blog. (google it) Ordered way too much food though. I counted over 70 dishes! Stuffed.... We foudn the frying to be Perfect. see the photos for the color. Just the way we like it anyway!

                    I just looked over the menu and we got 29 different items today!

                  2. The comment about no MSG buzz is encouraging. Do they, in fact, not use MSG?

                    Are there any Dim Sum places that do not use MSG as policy?

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                      Im not aware of any chinese restaurants that use "NO MSG".. Im sure there are ones that do not add EXTRA msg in the powdered form, but there is msg in just about any of the prepared sauces any of the restaurants purchase. Oyster sauces, soy sauces, etc etc..

                      1. re: hargau

                        Indeed. MSG is naturally found in all sorts of foods, not to mention commonly added to all sorts of ingredients that find their way into chinese food.

                        99% of the anti-MSG thing is bogus anyways.

                    2. Thanks for turning us on to this place! We've been there a couple of times now and really liked it. We always order chicken chow foon for the chowpup, and it's good if quite greasy. Over the couple of times we've been there, we've ordered scallion pancake, hargau, shumai, roast pork bun, shrimp cheung fang, szechuan wontons, shrimp and chive cake, spare ribs w BB sauce, turnip cake, and maybe a couple of others I'm not remembering. Everything has been generally very good. I think I'm just not a big fan of cheung fang, so we probably won't order that again, and the spare ribs were a little hard to eat (v. gristly) although the flavor was very good. Everything else I would definitely order again. This is going to become a regular in the rotation. The service is great too.

                      1. First trip to Green Tea in Framingham for dim sum, and I would never have found it if you hounds hadn't stressed that it was worth seeking out. It's in an odd location, with no signage on the building, you just have to let your hunger pains lead you to it. I was on my own, and the staff couldn't have done more to make me feel welcome, I even got into a discussion with a neighboring table about the "healthy, therapeutic" dishes. I had the pan fried turnip, the barbequed ribs with black bean, and the sticky rice in lotus leaf, and they were all fresh and scrumptious, even though it was nearly closing time (past 2 PM). Will return to try more!

                        1. Hi! After reading your post I felt compelled to try this place. I confess that I was a bit disappointed; perhaps my expectations were high after all the yummy-looking pictures. The shrimp in the har gau had an off taste (old, maybe?), and it was quite salty. Re-reading the posts above, perhaps I should have called the owner's attention to it, but usually I don't like to. I got some tofu lo mein off the menu, and it was very greasy. The turnip cakes were yummy, but not particularly hot when served. The steamed chive dumplings had a quite thick and somewhat undercooked skin.

                          We got the Szechuan spicy won ton; I wasn't familiar with it but one fellow diner said she thought the sauce was a bit atypical, since it was brown and a bit thick, rather than just a clear hot oil sauce. They were OK but kind of heavy for me.

                          On the plus side, the fried crisp dough was very fresh and nice. The scallion pancakes were fresh and well done, though perhaps a bit bland for my taste (they perked up for me with some dumpling sauce).

                          We also had a couple of other things: the dried bean curd wrap and some sort of fried tofu, and the spare ribs, which were tasty. We also had chicken feet; I think they were fried, which I kind of liked (I usually see them stewed).

                          My preferences run a bit to the low-fat side, so something I think of as heavy or greasy might seem perfectly normal to some others. But anyway, I just thought I'd report on my experiences. I think I'll have to try some other places to compare.