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Feb 3, 2008 08:28 AM

Chinatown dim sum?

Anyone tried Chinatown's new dimsum offering? (I'm interested but skeptical, given that the one meal I've ever had at Chinatown -- the restaurant above Musashina, not the Center -- was one of the worst meals I've ever had.)

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  1. Never had the Dim Sum @ Chinatown but i like to drink there (cold Sake). The best Chinese restaurant in A-town imho is Din-Ho @ 183 & Ohlin. Gotta like the Ho.

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      Funny, I was just thinking of this same thing today. You can access menus of this link. I was wondering how it was also.

    2. Okay, so we went to Dim Sum there this weekend and I have to say it may be the best Dim Sum in Austin. The selection is pretty diverse with some extravagant options (fried jalapenos, espresso glazed short ribs) and they also warm the pot stickers and taro cake at your table on a metal cart. The steamed dumplings come in a few varieties and are good, the BBQ pork buns are excellent, and the dessert selection is more extensive than most Dim Sum restaurants in Austin.

      Highly Recommended.

      Chinatown Restaurant
      3407 Greystone Dr, Austin, TX 78731

      1. Pretty damn good. I posted about it in the chinese dumplings thread a couple weeks ago. By far my favorite are the soup dumplings (pork only, no crab). I also love the shrimp on fried sugar cane sticks, but I think I just love having the fried sugar cane to gnaw on throughout my meal. I love the egg creams, though there are two desserts the staff calls egg creams. I prefer the steamed bun type egg cream, but there is a small custard egg cream that the staff always fawns over. All the dumplings are fantastic, mainly owing to the freshly handmade dough. The bloody marys are pretty darn good too, and I usually don't like them.

        I need to go back soon. There are so many things on the dish listing that sound great that I haven't tried yet.

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          Soup Dumplings?
          Were these "dumplings sitting in soup" or were they "soup contained inside of the dumpling"?

          I looked on the Chinatown Dim-Sum menu and saw no mention of soup dumplings but i did see Steamed BBQ pork buns. The soup dumplings I'm looking for are normally referred to as steamed pork buns so I'm optimistic, however, the inclusion of 'BBQ' in the title is confusing. In the soup dumplings I've had, an outer dumpling wrapper contains soup within and a ball of meat, not unlike the pork you'd find inside a pan fried dumpling.
          See photo attached of soup dumplings from Joe's Shanghai in NY.
          Is that what's available at Chinatown on MoPac? They certainly had NO idea what I was talking about at Chinatown downtown!


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            What you describe is what's served during Dim Sum at Chinatown on MoPac on the weekends - a dumpling that contains soup and a pork filling. They're the only soup dumplings I've ever had and they are memorably delicious.

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              Chinatown downtown just started offering dim sum this week.

          2. I had Chinatown's dim sum for the first time last weekend and I think it is the best in Texas. If you know of better - please post because I want to try it. AustinNYCer - what did you have that was bad? I've liked (often loved) everything I've had there but only been there a few times. I'm a big fan of the beef stock in their wonton soup.

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              What days and times is dim sum offered at Chinatown?


            2. The original comment has been removed