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Chinatown dim sum?

Anyone tried Chinatown's new dimsum offering? (I'm interested but skeptical, given that the one meal I've ever had at Chinatown -- the restaurant above Musashina, not the Center -- was one of the worst meals I've ever had.)

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  1. Never had the Dim Sum @ Chinatown but i like to drink there (cold Sake). The best Chinese restaurant in A-town imho is Din-Ho @ 183 & Ohlin. Gotta like the Ho.

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      Funny, I was just thinking of this same thing today. You can access menus of this link. I was wondering how it was also. http://www.chinatownaustin.com/direct...

    2. Okay, so we went to Dim Sum there this weekend and I have to say it may be the best Dim Sum in Austin. The selection is pretty diverse with some extravagant options (fried jalapenos, espresso glazed short ribs) and they also warm the pot stickers and taro cake at your table on a metal cart. The steamed dumplings come in a few varieties and are good, the BBQ pork buns are excellent, and the dessert selection is more extensive than most Dim Sum restaurants in Austin.

      Highly Recommended.

      Chinatown Restaurant
      3407 Greystone Dr, Austin, TX 78731

      1. Pretty damn good. I posted about it in the chinese dumplings thread a couple weeks ago. By far my favorite are the soup dumplings (pork only, no crab). I also love the shrimp on fried sugar cane sticks, but I think I just love having the fried sugar cane to gnaw on throughout my meal. I love the egg creams, though there are two desserts the staff calls egg creams. I prefer the steamed bun type egg cream, but there is a small custard egg cream that the staff always fawns over. All the dumplings are fantastic, mainly owing to the freshly handmade dough. The bloody marys are pretty darn good too, and I usually don't like them.

        I need to go back soon. There are so many things on the dish listing that sound great that I haven't tried yet.

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          Soup Dumplings?
          Were these "dumplings sitting in soup" or were they "soup contained inside of the dumpling"?

          I looked on the Chinatown Dim-Sum menu and saw no mention of soup dumplings but i did see Steamed BBQ pork buns. The soup dumplings I'm looking for are normally referred to as steamed pork buns so I'm optimistic, however, the inclusion of 'BBQ' in the title is confusing. In the soup dumplings I've had, an outer dumpling wrapper contains soup within and a ball of meat, not unlike the pork you'd find inside a pan fried dumpling.
          See photo attached of soup dumplings from Joe's Shanghai in NY.
          Is that what's available at Chinatown on MoPac? They certainly had NO idea what I was talking about at Chinatown downtown!


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            What you describe is what's served during Dim Sum at Chinatown on MoPac on the weekends - a dumpling that contains soup and a pork filling. They're the only soup dumplings I've ever had and they are memorably delicious.

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              Chinatown downtown just started offering dim sum this week.

          2. I had Chinatown's dim sum for the first time last weekend and I think it is the best in Texas. If you know of better - please post because I want to try it. AustinNYCer - what did you have that was bad? I've liked (often loved) everything I've had there but only been there a few times. I'm a big fan of the beef stock in their wonton soup.

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              What days and times is dim sum offered at Chinatown?


            2. I must second what everyone's saying about Chinatown (off MoPac not Bee Cave). The Dim Sum is the best I've had outside of San Francisco/New York. Lots of variety - I counted at least nine different variations of steamed dumplings. The pork soup dumplings are delicious -- as are the veggie ones...

              1. We live just minutes from Chinatown Restaurant on Bee Cave Road and didn't know about the one on Greystone Dr. Thank you folks so much for recommending it! We went yesterday and were surprised at the selection and quality of the Dim Sum as well as how attentative the staff was and how much attention to detail every plate is presented and served. We have had Dim Sum from the East Coast to the West Coast (including four years in the Bay Area) and tried just about everywhere in Austin. I must say that the overall Dim Sum experience we had yesterday at Chinatown Restaurant on Greystone Dr was the best by far. Although I visited chowhound.com frequently, I never had the urge to register and post comments. I am making an exception today because I was really impressed and had a wonderful dining experience there. We were about to leave around 1:45 pm and they were still brining out new dishes that we haven't seen before and they all looked delicious. We will definitely go back there!

                1. To the people who have posted positive reviews -- how does Chinatown compare to other Austin dim sum favorites (Marco Polo, Pao's, T&S...)?

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                    There's a lot of first time posters on this thread, which makes me suspect. I may have to try it myself and write a report. I'll try and go this weekend.

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                      I think the quality is better than the other places in town (T&S, Tien Hong, Shanghai). I can't really compare it to Marco Polo because I've only been there once and it was a long time ago. Chinatown seems to have more variety than the other places. When I can't afford to go to Chinatown, Shanghai is my favorite for "budget dim sum."

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                        We eat Dim Sum a few times a month and frequent all the places you listed. Marco Polo HAD been our favorite.

                        The quality of the food at Chinatown is very good. Everything just seemed fresher and more tasty than our normal Dim Sum haunts. Add to that they have some signature dishes you won't find at the other places, such as their Expresso Ribs, and the Sea Bass fillet, and you have a Dim Sum experience that is really a cut above everyone else.

                        Color us impressed. It was fantastic,

                      2. We went there a week and a half ago. It was pretty good. It was our first Austin Dim Sum experience so I can't compare to anywhere else around here. It did leave us still yearning for what we could get in Queens, but we enjoyed it. They apparently have some unique things my mother in law visiting from China had never seen anything remotely close to.

                        1. I eat dim sum almost every other weekend in Austin. I would go every day if I could, I live next to Chinatown and have tried their dim sum once, felt the service was great but selection limited and the food was not great. The shrimp dumpling wrappers are a little gooey in texture, tend to fall apart, though the filling itself was nicely seasoned. The pan fried daikon cakes are nice and the fried chive dumplings are very gingery, which was somewhat unusual. I think that Shanghai is far and away superior for dim sum in terms of quality and extensive selection. Across the board the dumplings are delicious - better than anywhere I have been in Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, and as good as anything I have had in Taipei. I would rank Shanghai as the best dim sum in Austin, followed by Marco Polo, then Tien Hong/T&S, then Kim Son, Chinatown, then Golden Wok. The only other place I have heard of is Paos but I have not been there as it is too far. I do not believe Din Ho has dim sum. And if you are interested in Taiwanese breakfast (cruellers and congee etc) then I have heard good things about Asia Cafe but have not been there (they do not serve cantonese dim sum, however)

                          1. Just did dim sum there, and was a little disappointed. It was good, but not exceptional. Some items, like the turnip cakes, were better than I've had elsewhere in Austin, and I liked their shrimp and leeks dumplings and their tarot pudding, but otherwise it seemed pretty standard. It did seem to have more fried foods and less steamed foods than other places, which I'd rate as a negative. I'd rank it above T&S but below Pao's and Shanghai.

                            To be fair, their espresso ribs showed up only after we were stuffed, and I didn't see the sea bass at all, so we might have missed their signature items.

                            1. I went to Chinatown to this past weekend.
                              One of my Taiwanese friend recommended it so I had to try.
                              Wow! Everything was great! I don't eat meat except seafood but they had a lot of stuff I could eat.
                              I loved the Shrimp & Leek Dumpling, Chinese Broccoli, Shrimp & Scallop, Tofu Roll(It was fried but covered with Nori or something) and the Jasmin Tea was soooooooo good.
                              I think whoever lives in Austin should try this place at least once.
                              I didn't get to try Sea Bass either. It came after I was all stuffed. I will wait to try it next time.

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                                i just came back from Chinatown and I probably won't ever go back. i say this for a few reasons.

                                The first thing I hated about this place was the fact that their plates were so small. There is no possible way to eat dim sum comfortably with such small plates. You need room for condiments and food scraps that a lot of dim sum food leaves behind (crab claws, chewed sugar cane, bones, etc).

                                Secondly, the teapot our hot tea came in was squatty and made of glass so we could all be impressed with the chrysanthemum flowers inside. But they failed to explain the black straw stuffed into the spout. As all of my party took our turns trying to use the straw, it dawned on us that you had to pull it out almost all the way to get the best pour, without any flower bits. This was completely unnecessary, as having a normal tall teapot would fix the problem. I drink tea for the taste not the looks and I don't need a fragile clear glass pot filled with burning liquid to torment me throughout the meal.

                                Anyways, the food was hot and delicious, but some of the offerings were gross, such as the maple glazed ribs. It was the right disgusting combination of maple syrup and coffee. It belonged at TGI Fridays. The curried squid was made out of squid steaks instead of the more traditional baby squid. Neon orange angular shapes of crunchy/chewy very un-aromatic squid was a major disappointment. The soup dumpling was really tasty, but difficult to eat without a chinese soup spoon. I can at least say that I'd tried it now.

                                As someone else mentioned, there was quite a bit of fried items compared to steamed. Overall, I felt that my experience was good, but with cheaper, more traditional and better prepared dim sum out there, I don't feel a want to return.

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                                  We went two Sundays ago, and having had dim sum in Philadelphia, New York, and a couple of places here, This was hands down the most delicious dim sum we've ever had. The only weak dish was the coffe glazed ribs - they tasted as though they dunked baked back ribs in pancake syrup :-(

                                  The salt and pepper shrimp, the stuffed snow crab claws were great, but the most delicious was the mini peking duck in a thick crepe. The meal was fantastic !

                              2. I'll have to check Chinatown out myself good DIM SUM is hard to come by. Especially here in austin.

                                1. Chinatown downtown is now offering dim sum. They kicked it off on Monday during their lunch service. Was there on Thursday, had Phoenix Talons. I'd already ordered an entree and didn't know about the dim sum since it isn't on the menu yet. Too bad. I really want to try the sugar cane shrimp & the miso sake baked sea bass.