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Pâtisserie Harmonie 麵包蜜語

For some reason, I couldn't post on the "Great Montreal Bakery Hunt" post (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/433260)... Relating to the Harmonie bakery shown here on my Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/photos/smurfmat...) , I called today, and they said that it would open sometime next week. It's located on the corner of De La Gauchetiere and St-Urbain.

I hope that they'll be serving the HK-style pastries, and perhaps drinks, that the poster KT MTL on the other thread spoke about (http://www.chowhound.com/topics/43326...)! Montreal totally needs a quality cha chaan teng (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cha_chaa...) . Unfortunately, while I still go there, the other existing Chinatown places, or South Shore one that I know of, have been neglecting themselves in the past years, in terms of food and decor quality.

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  1. Oooh, yeah, I can't wait to try this place! I'd seen that Wikipedia entry on "cha chaan teng" when I was recently in the throes of learning about HK milk-style tea, and that picture of the HK-style French toast was very tantalizing. Thanks for the details on location and when they're opening. I'll report back when I go.

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      Their buns are fabulous, and I've heard their sit-down meals are also really good, but I usually just waddle by with a full tummy from upstairs to pick up some baked goods.

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        Cool! I thought this was a new place that's yet to open, though, am I confused?

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          Woah, I should have read the whole thing. Mea culpa. I thought it was referring to the place downstairs from Kam Fung. I've got buns on the brain.

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            You are most definitely forgiven for having buns on the brain. I could make a very bad joke here, but I will choose to exercise restraint. ;-)

    2. I actually found their phone number on Pages Jaunes, but I am pretty sure that their address was incorrect. It should be 85, rue de la Gauchetière _Ouest_, rather than Est.

      1. The place is open... I haven't had the chance to go yet (I'm out of town), but I have an inside source who has so far been very impressed with the quality -- and she has very high standards for Chinese bakeries. The bread, cakes, buns and egg tarts are apparently very good. They also serve milk tea (lai cha) and an assortment of bubble tea drinks made with Tea Shop 168 recipes.

        It's also a true Hong Kong-style bakery, which means it's the same sort of thing you would find in Markham, ON or Richmond, BC. It's apparently quite similar to the bakeries in T&T supermarkets.

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          I went to Pattisserie Harmonie yesterday, & was very impressed with the stuff I sampled. Tried their buns, brioche, cakes(as good as if not better than the best Chinese bakeries in the Toronto-area that I've tried). Plus they have a tea shop component, which is a nice bonus. Didn't see any egg tarts when I was there. Glad to see they make the Chinese white bread.

        2. I tried some of the products from harmonie last week and I found it was worth the extra money they charged for their buns. The Char Sui Boa I had was very good and stuffed with diced pieces of BBQ pork without the corn-starch-thickened sauce filler found in other pork buns from the other shops. I'm looking forward to trying the curried beef buns which were almost always sold out whenever I was there.

          The walnut butter cake that's the size of a large muffin was very good but a little more moist in the middle but that might have been a slight case of under-baking. I think I still prefer the M.M. Legende Walnut Butter Cake which I find more buttery in taste.

          I'm looking forward to trying their other goods.

          1. Do they sell "Wedding cakes" there? Haven't been to Ctown in a while, though will have to pass by this place the next time...

            1. A word of advice to anyone who wants to check out Harmonie... go early! I've gone a few times around 6pm and they hardly have anything left. It's been extremely popular and everything has sold very quickly.

              Also, milk tea and the other drinks are great value compared to other places in Chinatown.

              1. I'm thrilled with this new place in Chinatown. Stopped in recently at around noon & they had a good selection of baked goods, including nice-looking egg tarts, which I haven't sampled so far. Their drinks look good, I just don't know what flavors to order! Here's a pic of my fave of the three I've tried so far - the other 2 I tried were black sesame seed bun and taro root bun, which were good, but I liked this one best. It's made with rice flour and filled with red bean paste.

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                  Nice Pic! Thanks so much for posting that, I haven't had one of these things in a long time, and they are very tasty. I will have to try to get there very soon!

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                    Thanks! It was my first time trying them - but it won't be my last, that's for sure.

                2. What an *awesome* place. Finally made my first visit tonight, around 7:20 pm, and there was plenty of stuff left to choose from. I had an incredibly fresh "paper-cup cake" - just as it sounds, a small cake baked in a thin paper cup. A great deal at $1.50 - light, fluffy, but not too airy, vanilla cake with a delicate texture and taste, topped with toasted almond slivers. I'll be having that again for sure! Tried their Hong Kong-style milk tea - my first outside my own home. It was much, much stronger than what I've been making for myself at home (and I thought *I* made some strong tea!) but still very tasty. I might try asking for some extra milk to dilute it a bit next time. They also had many beautifully packaged goodies along one wall that I'll have to try another time (or give someone as a gift!), and a case full of lovely-looking whole cakes, including one covered entirely in thinly sliced mangoes. I forgot to ask about wedding cakes.

                  I have to mention that the prices for both drinks and baked goods seemed extremely reasonable to me, not sure what someone else was saying about them being pricier than elsewhere.

                  Can't wait to go back to try the almond butter cake, walnut cake, and plain custard bun, which they were out of. (though they had pineapple-custard and coconut-custard.) Also excited to try their fruit smoothies - nice flavour combos and again, cheaper than I've seen anywhere else.

                  1. I had my first visit during lunch today and got:

                    egg tart - I can't tell if this is better than the one from the Jade Garden store but the custard is very uniform. No pockets of runny custard.

                    coconut cream bun - not enough cream! The bun part however tastes better probably because it has a taste not just "white bread".

                    more later

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                      Ha ha! I may have been there at the same time! Also my first time.

                      Very clean and very attractive layout. Staff was very friendly and helpful. The pastries look fresh and tasty.

                      I had the Hong Kong style milk tea, very strong and invigorating and intensely milky. Then I sampled some savoury buns. I was initially worried about the buns as the dough looked like it might be dry. But in fact, the bread was really fresh and soft and delicious on all of the buns. Very high quality bread.

                      The BBQ pork bun was my favorite. The filling was savoury, less sweet than the buns I usually get at MM Legende, and with less onions. I liked the flavour very much, but I wish there was just a little more filling. Very delicious.

                      The chicken bun filling was simple but good. there was less cornstarch in the sauce than I'm used to, and I liked that aspect of the bun. I wonder of there was a touch of coriander in the spicing of the filling.

                      The curry bun was the most interesting of the three buns, though it was not my favorite. It is one of the most flavourful Asian buns I have had in Montreal. It is actually spicy, unlike most asian versions of curry. The spicing is oddly floral, intense and redolent of coconut milk. It was a bit too intense for me, but it was very interesting to try, quite unique. I think there will be some who really love this bun, this is no generic curry bun, that's for sure.

                      I also had some of the delightful glutinous rice pancakes filled with red bean paste that Morebubbles was kind enough to post about. They are exactly what I thought they would be! They are similar to Korean Hoe ddok. The glutinous rice part is smooth and sticky, reminiscent of a large mochi, and the bean paste is perfectly smooth and not cloyingly sweet. Very nice treat!

                      I did not get to sample any other of the sweet desserts, but hope to soon (of course, I have decided to go back on my diet, so my eating plans will be slightly delayed...).

                      It is a change from my usual haunt. I intend to return, but will have to go to both places for different qualities. I do wish there was a place to sit and eat and drink tea. Also, they do not serve really great lunch specials involving eggplant and pork, so i shall have to continue to go to both.

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                        Addendum to the above report:

                        I had the wiener bun for breakfast this morning, reheated gently in the microwave. The wiener is a wiener, nothing special, but satisfying in the lowbrow way that pigs in a blanket always are. But the bun itself! The dough is truly excellent at this bakery, it made the wiener bun a special event. Excellent bread! It has a lovely texture and flavour.

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                          thank you for the detailed report. I had the taro root bubble tea on Monday, it was v. good but I could have used more! I did order a large one, but it was more like a medium. I asked for 'half sugar' as someone on this board suggested to do if you don't like the tea to be too sweet. That was a great hint, so thanks whoever it was (my memory is bad, sorry).
                          moh, may I ask where you go for the eggplant and pork dish please? I'm disappointed as well that Harmonie doesn't serve lunch, or have tables for that matter!

                          1. re: morebubbles

                            Just down the street on de la Gauchetiere, MM Legende is my usual bakery haunt. They have a Yu tsing (sp) eggplant and pork Rice special for $6 that is great. Very filling, very tasty very cheap. I also like the vermicelli pork and chinese pickled vegetable dish. These are on the card on the table.

                            I'm hoping to branch out into more of the desserts and the bubble tea at Harmonie next time. Did you see they had Durian flavour bubble tea? I may have to give it a go...

                            1. re: moh

                              I'll have to try the eggplant & pork dish there, sounds good. Yes, the durian flavor; I'm scared to try durian in any form after hearing so much talk about it having a v. strong smell etc., but one day I'll be brave! Pls review your other good finds as you try them!:)

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                                I wouldn't be concerned about the strong smell, I've had durian bubble tea as well as durian ice cream before, and there is no strong smell that remotely compares to the real thing. At the same time most of these "durian" products are artifically flavoured and poorly capture the flavour of the real fruit.

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                        Hours later I had the Japanese cheesecake. It's a very moist but rich poundcake. Maybe not as dense.

                        I also took a bite into the Lotus Seed bun and wow it's a very intense paste with a nutty flavour I haven't tasted elsewhere.

                        Their standard custard bun has almond slivers in it but not enough custard (on top) for the bun.

                        Overall their bun / bread part is very high quality compared to other bakeries. It's not brioche but it's good enough to save for jam.

                      3. I'm not going to lie, but I'm quite dissapointed with the pasteries at this new joint.

                        Overpriced for what it is - and their savory buns were especially disappointing. The curried beef buns were waaay too coconut-y (so, unless you like them that way, they're bleh). Saving grace for the BBQ pork ones were that the filling wasn't particularly over salted, or over cornstartched. The actual pastry part of the savory buns, however, would fare better by being slightly sweeter - it's bland at the moment.

                        As for the sweet buns - I've only had the pinapple bun with custard (there was nothing left at the store!), which were okay - the filling was surprisingly good and creamy. Not a fan of the egg tarts though - too vanilla-y, too little egg taste (so unless you like them that way...)

                        As a Canadian-born-Chinese having grown up on these things, I direly miss the pastries in Toronto!....

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                        1. re: btrsweet

                          "The actual pastry part of the savory buns, however, would fare better by being slightly sweeter - it's bland at the moment."

                          Funny, I was actually wondering if I thought the dough was a touch sweeter than I like. I decided in the end that it was not too sweet, and that I did like the touch of sweetness. I don't think I would like it if they increased the level of sweetness, and actually might like the dough even better if they added a touch more salt. But this is a preference thing, fun to discuss, with no right answer!

                          I agree about the curry beef bun, it is too coconuty for me too.

                          Will have to look for that pineapple bun...

                          1. re: moh

                            hmm! maybe a little bit of salt would indeed do the trick. i guess the 'a little bit sweeter' was a reaction to what i would generally consider a 'bland' dough.

                            let me know if you try any of the other pineapple buns to see if the other fillings are good too! :)

                            1. re: btrsweet

                              Moh, I know what you mean about the sweetness factor. We went there yesterday and picked up a huge assortment of goodies to try. BBQ prk, curry beef, pineapple custard, red bean, almond cookie, onion, and a few others. The dough was a bit sweeter than I'm used to, but not overly so. We didn't eat them all, despite working up a good appetite from shovelling, as we had to save room for my Panang Curry Pork with sticky rice, but hen ones we did have were very good. I particularly liked the onion bun, with it's cloud-like texture, and beautifully caramelized topping, as well as the red bean paste bun. Everything was fabulously fresh, and the trays were being replenished constantly.
                              We'll be back there very soon.

                              1. re: bomobob

                                You'll have to report back about the curry beef bun. I found it a bit fascinating. I'm wondering what you will think of it.

                                The savoury buns perk up very nicely when reheated in the microwave for about 30 seconds or so. Great way to reheat a day old bun.

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                                  I found that I could not eat the curry beef bun, it was not to my liking, unfortunately. To me it had a 'weird' taste, I guess it was the coconut milk. One bite was enough for me. Luckily I've liked everything else there so far!

                        2. The Mirror reviewed it this week....2 1/2 stars out of 4....

                          1. I made it down there today, after our pho at pho bang NY. We walked in and they were closing, but my wife said "but it's my husband's birthday, and we wanted to get something for him!" So the guy behind the counter graciously let us in, and we got some pieces of very delicious cakes. Nice people, and good products. Can't beat that!

                            1. I tried it this week and got a Hong Kong milk tea (yummy!), a lotus bun (nice) and a sesame ball (good, but bigger than I like). I didn't like the look of the coconut cocktail buns (aka honey buns), so I got those instead from m.m.legende. I'm intrigued to try the bbq pork buns and maybe another different sweet bun.

                              1. We dropped in last night after a very good meal at Amigo. They were closing and had no more buns, but we did buy some cakes. I love dense cakes and I believe girly mousse filled cakes are a crime against pastry, but I have to say that some of the cakes at Harmonie are way too dense even for my taste. The little puffy cheesecake though, is quite fantastic.

                                I will be going back for buns and milk tea as soon as I can.

                                1. I was there yestereday afternoon and tried the paper cup buns, which were dense. almost custardy. Good. Also buns that had red bean paste in them, which were greatl. Pic here:

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                                    I was at Harmonie about two weeks ago, early Saturday morning. The buns were just coming hot out of the oven and looked fabulous. I bought a variety of buns for my parents, but didn't get anything for myself (was going to eat at Chez Bong in my neverending quest to find the best dolsot bibimbap). I also bought a mango roll cake, which I ended up bringing to my parents as well as that we were having a family dinner to celebrate my niece's sweet sixteen birthday. We had the mango roll as a light dessert after our meal, and everyone was very impressed with the cake's freshness, texture, and taste. The roll was sweet - but not too sweet - the filling light and fluffy, with slivers of mango. It's a tasty cake, and I would recommend getting it.

                                    1. re: Chai Latte

                                      «my neverending quest to find the best dolsot bibimbap»

                                      Tell us more! What are the local high and low points to date?

                                      1. re: carswell

                                        The very interesting answer to this question has been moved into its own thread to give it room to breath and grow. You can now find it here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/498253

                                  2. Maybe I'm just too much of a salt and sugar addict, but I tried three items there yesterday and was only moderately impressed.

                                    On the plus side, and it's a big plus, freshness was much better than at any of the other Chinese bakeries I've tried.

                                    The BBQ pork bun was decent but IMO somewhat bland, both bun and filling.

                                    The chicken bun... not worth the dollar. The bun itself was OK, but what's with that filling? Three peas short of Chicken à la king circa 1971. Never again.

                                    Finally, the sesame ball. Although not overly greasy (major points), it could have stood a few more seconds in the fryer, as the rice dough was a tad too gelatinous for my liking and the outside was not crispy. The filling was not as sweet as I'm accustomed to, which once again left the overall impression of blandness, but I realize it may be that other places make them too sweet, and Harmonie's is the "right" way. I'll try these again, especially since it's nice to be able to nab a single one rather than the mandatory three at a sit-down dim sum place.

                                    So... a welcome addition but it didn't knock my socks off.

                                    1. Finally tried the place. I loved the sesame milk bubble tea, but it was a tad too sweet. Otherwise it was very very good: milky and well flavored with real sesame, not watered down at all. I wish I had read the "half sugar" suggestion before going there, it would have been perfect. Doh! Next time...

                                      Additionally, I sampled the BBQ pork bun, onion bun and coconut custard bun. BBQ pork is not my favoritest food, I usually find it too sweet; and this wasn't an exception. Still, the bun was excellent, and the pork morsels inside were really good and caramelized. I wish I could develop a better taste for sweet meat dishes to appreciate this type of food even better; but at least I was able to finish it despite the sweet sauce. The onion bun was very comforting, fluffy with caramelized onions/scallions (Moh, beware!) on top. I really liked it. Lastly came the coconut custard. The custard was a little bit denser than I expected, but I am a rookie when it comes to Chinese style pastries so perhaps this is how it should be. Overall very high quality, and to top it of the employees were very friendly. Yay!

                                      I was also curious about the shredded pork buns, but didn't want to go overboard. Could they have been less sweet? They looked good.

                                      1. I'm eating a reheated char sui bao right now, and I would prefer if the dough were tastier. I prefer more sweet glaze on the top and the dough could be a bit saltier. The pork filling is alright though, but I find the bun on the small side, and a bit hard to hold b/c of the smushy muffin tin underside.

                                        1. I had this thing called "paper cupcake" there yesterday and I thought is was great. I'm also partial to the egg tart.

                                          1. As someone mentioned in another thread, Harmonie has opened another branch in the Guy metro tunnel, just downstairs from the entrance at the corner of Guy & de Maisonneuve.

                                            It's about four times the size of the outlet on de la Gauchetière and had all kinds of goodies I'd never seen before at the Chinatown location, including chocolate-almond cookies and green-tea pastry balls. The service was very friendly and I will definitely return when in the neighbourhood. Made for a great post-Tapioca Thé dessert the other night.

                                            Hooray for Harmonie! Cheers for Chinatown 2!

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                                            1. re: kpzoo

                                              They sometimes have the green tea pastry balls at the Harmonie in Chinatown, but most of the time they don't - and they're one of my favourite things to get from there, so I'm pretty excited about the new location! Will have to check it out soon.

                                              1. re: kpzoo

                                                Oooooh gawds, there goes my diet! Thanks for letting us know. I have a craving for custard buns and pies.

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                                                  Monsieur Snowpea teaches Tuesday evenings, and he has brought home some Harmonie pastries from their Guy metro location. Last week it was a 'savoury' selection: a BBQ pork stuffed bun and another topped with minced ham and corn. I found them too sweet for my liking, but the brioche bread used was quite nice.

                                                  This week, he returned with a sweet selection: a coconut bun, a red bean bun, and a custard bun (not a pie). The red bean was especially fine, with the red bean paste not a heavy knob at the centre, but rather distributed into a spiral roll, with the final dough layer delicately sliced and fanned to reveal the filling. The coconut was good, but no remarkable. The custard bun was ethereal.

                                                  1. re: TheSnowpea

                                                    I had one of their custard buns just this morning, and I agree!

                                                    1. re: Chocolatesa

                                                      recently discovered the sweet potato buns ------- sooooooooo good but very sweet

                                                      1. re: celfie

                                                        You guys are making me hungry.... I think i'll pick some up tonight.

                                                2. Anybody ever notice or try this place that sells this asian desert called "dragonbeard"? Its right near this bakery on De la gauchetiere

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                                                  1. re: jay_81k

                                                    It's been there for years & years making the dragonbeard.

                                                    1. re: jay_81k

                                                      Pretty good stuff. It's a texture as much as flavour thing. Sugary but not cloying sweet, filled with nuts. Montreal's reportedly one of the few places outside China where you can see it made.

                                                      Background article: http://montreal.about.com/od/foodwine...
                                                      Downloadable video: www.yuzumura.com/pc-12-9-bgbcrdr.aspx

                                                      1. re: carswell

                                                        The first time i ever tasted this was actually at the Hong Kong airport mentionned in the article. I can say that it was just as good.

                                                        Hong Kong Restaurant
                                                        29 Thorne Av, Temiscaming, QC J0Z3R0, CA

                                                        1. re: carswell

                                                          Got us some Dragon Beard candy yesterday during a Chinatown wander-round. Your description is spot on: textural, not too sweet, sticks a bit to your teeth, and a peanut-sesame caramel centre.

                                                          Good with a cup of tea! (which helps too if some of the candy is stuck to your teeth LOL)

                                                          We also wandered the Chinatown pastry shops -- which were all doing a brisk business, but Harmonie was especially crowded.

                                                          Picked up a coconut-custard bun, a moka cream-filled bun, a Chinese milk cream and a matcha Swiss roll cake studded with red beans. The moka cream was insanely sweet and since it was not offered under refrigeration, I have to wonder what the filling is really based on ('edible oil product'?). However, the coconut-and-custard didn't disappoint. Haven't tried the other two yet.

                                                          For the record, Harmonie near Concordia seems to have a wider selection. But it may be because it was really busy yesterday.

                                                          Also stopped for a bowl of soup at Sumo Ramen. We started with the grilled squid - tender but not super flavourful but a drizzle of lemon and soy fixed that. I went for the leek soup, with soy broth and udon noodles. It came with a couple slices of fatty pork and half an egg. He had the "volcano" bowl, with minced pork, egg, corn, and other things, in a miso broth with udon. We were quite pleased with our soups and even had sweet bubble teas after.

                                                          Picked up some bahn-mi sammiches at Cao Thang for supper - the no. 1 sliced pork and the no. 4 meat ball. Heh. They were okay. Chewy baguette, enough coriander... coulda used a bit more veggies, maybe?

                                                          1. re: TheSnowpea

                                                            I think you're correct, Harmonie near Concordia has a wider selection. Harmonie near Concordia, seems to be their flagship location now.

                                                            1. re: BLM

                                                              Is that the bakery at the metro station? where tim hortons and pizza bella are?
                                                              It usually has a good amount of traffic going in and out of the store. I've never bought anything but it looks quite tempting. After reading all these posts now, I might just go and try it very soon

                                                              1. re: artstate

                                                                Yes. They opened maybe close to a year ago.

                                                                1. re: artstate

                                                                  You got nothing to lose: plunking down 1.50$ or so gets you a large and fresh sweet roll to go. Lots of choice and hard to beat!

                                                        2. FInally tried dragon beard and Patisserie Harmonie.Dragonbeard is interesting, taste reminded me of eating a butterfinger chocolate bar somehow.
                                                          At Harmonie I tried like this cigar coffee cookies. Gave you a good amount for 4$ and were kinda good. Then I asked if their tiramisu was good and the cashier kinda just assumed I wanted it and started bagging it so I decided to just try it. Big mistake, never get tirimisu at a chinese bakery! I also have some red bean cookie with cream or something, didnt try it yet. I guess Id go back and try some other things.

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                                                          1. re: jay_81k

                                                            You found the dragon beard at the Patisserie Harmonie Chinatown or Guy location?

                                                            1. re: BLM

                                                              in chinatown at the dragon beard store

                                                              1. re: jay_81k

                                                                Thanks. OK now I see, I had originally misread your posting. I thought I had read Patisserie Harmonie dragonbeard. Meaning Harmonie was serving dragonbeard candy.

                                                          2. I finally ate at the Concordia metro location... totally gross!

                                                            Have you guys ever eaten real Chinese buns before?

                                                            I had a coconut bun at their Chinatown location and it tasted like suntan lotion. I ordered just about everything available last night (spent about $12) and seriously dumped it all in the garbage as soon as I got home. I took a bite out of each bun while driving back from work. Every last thing I bought tasted exactly the same with only slight variation and was all completely disgusting.

                                                            If it weren't for the asian angle, I can't imagine anyone on this forum truly giving it any praise. It's nothing more than a glorified dep selling Chinese twinkies. There is NOTHING good about Harmonie.

                                                            Now I remember a few years back (closer to 10 actually) there was a halfway decent bakery in Chinatown that used to sell giant homemade almond cookies warm and fresh from the oven. I was hoping for something similar but unfortunately this didn't even come close to delivering.
                                                            I can't wait 'til my trip to SF next month for the real deal at Golden Gate, Garden, Yong Kee, etc... no wonder Harmonie moved their flagship to a subway storefront swarmed by college kids! I actually preferred the suntan lotion bun I had in Chinatown over anything I tried last night; at least it tasted slightly fresher. The bakery closer to Keung Kee (directly downstairs) is even preferable to this one, and the tiny counter space in the mall below Kam Fung is better still. None are half as good as the worst Chinese bakeries you'll find in Toronto or anywhere else though. I don't know why but they just aren't. I wish there were fabulous Chinese buns, cakes and cookies to be had in Montreal... but I've yet to discover them.

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                                                            1. re: OliverB

                                                              I remember those almond cookies...they were good...

                                                              1. re: OliverB

                                                                We split some replies about the best Toronto Chinese bakeries over to our Ontario board. They're off topic here, but we didn't want to lose the conversation. If you want to continue that discussion, please reply here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/823676

                                                                The Chowhound Team
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                                                                1. re: OliverB

                                                                  And that coffee counter under the old Nanking selling fat, puffy, glistening sweet "butter" rolls, whole yummy apple pies and coconut custard pies.... Mmmmm. Those were the days.

                                                                  1. re: OliverB

                                                                    there is one margarine filled roll that would surely turn anyone off on their first visit. i can only assume you had the misfortunate of buying that one. they're not the best but sometimes they really hit the spot.