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Feb 3, 2008 08:03 AM

Pâtisserie Harmonie 麵包蜜語

For some reason, I couldn't post on the "Great Montreal Bakery Hunt" post ( Relating to the Harmonie bakery shown here on my Flickr ( , I called today, and they said that it would open sometime next week. It's located on the corner of De La Gauchetiere and St-Urbain.

I hope that they'll be serving the HK-style pastries, and perhaps drinks, that the poster KT MTL on the other thread spoke about (! Montreal totally needs a quality cha chaan teng ( . Unfortunately, while I still go there, the other existing Chinatown places, or South Shore one that I know of, have been neglecting themselves in the past years, in terms of food and decor quality.

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  1. Oooh, yeah, I can't wait to try this place! I'd seen that Wikipedia entry on "cha chaan teng" when I was recently in the throes of learning about HK milk-style tea, and that picture of the HK-style French toast was very tantalizing. Thanks for the details on location and when they're opening. I'll report back when I go.

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      Their buns are fabulous, and I've heard their sit-down meals are also really good, but I usually just waddle by with a full tummy from upstairs to pick up some baked goods.

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        Cool! I thought this was a new place that's yet to open, though, am I confused?

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          Woah, I should have read the whole thing. Mea culpa. I thought it was referring to the place downstairs from Kam Fung. I've got buns on the brain.

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            You are most definitely forgiven for having buns on the brain. I could make a very bad joke here, but I will choose to exercise restraint. ;-)

    2. I actually found their phone number on Pages Jaunes, but I am pretty sure that their address was incorrect. It should be 85, rue de la Gauchetière _Ouest_, rather than Est.

      1. The place is open... I haven't had the chance to go yet (I'm out of town), but I have an inside source who has so far been very impressed with the quality -- and she has very high standards for Chinese bakeries. The bread, cakes, buns and egg tarts are apparently very good. They also serve milk tea (lai cha) and an assortment of bubble tea drinks made with Tea Shop 168 recipes.

        It's also a true Hong Kong-style bakery, which means it's the same sort of thing you would find in Markham, ON or Richmond, BC. It's apparently quite similar to the bakeries in T&T supermarkets.

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          I went to Pattisserie Harmonie yesterday, & was very impressed with the stuff I sampled. Tried their buns, brioche, cakes(as good as if not better than the best Chinese bakeries in the Toronto-area that I've tried). Plus they have a tea shop component, which is a nice bonus. Didn't see any egg tarts when I was there. Glad to see they make the Chinese white bread.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I tried some of the products from harmonie last week and I found it was worth the extra money they charged for their buns. The Char Sui Boa I had was very good and stuffed with diced pieces of BBQ pork without the corn-starch-thickened sauce filler found in other pork buns from the other shops. I'm looking forward to trying the curried beef buns which were almost always sold out whenever I was there.

            The walnut butter cake that's the size of a large muffin was very good but a little more moist in the middle but that might have been a slight case of under-baking. I think I still prefer the M.M. Legende Walnut Butter Cake which I find more buttery in taste.

            I'm looking forward to trying their other goods.