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Oct 16, 2001 11:23 AM

Restaurant near The Greek

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Hi Everyone,

I'm attending a concert at the Greek next week and was wondering what restaurants near there are worth eating at. There will be 5 of us.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. 1 Samnamalung cafe (sp.?) Hollywood blvd. just west of Kingsley. Great cheap Thai.

    2 Zankou Chicken on Sunset.

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      michael (mea culpa)

      Trattoria Farfalla, 1978 Hillhurst Ave. It's good. It's close. You can get in and out fairly quickly so that you can still make it to the Greek in time to get in the line for parking there.

      1. Oh my, just gave the same suggestion to the Pantages person -- Kruang Tedd, 5151 Hollywood Blvd. Wonderful Thai food (look it up, it's been discussed here before).

        1. If you have some time and money and want an upscale dinner, Vermont is very good, but the entrees do run around $16-20. Get there around 6 and leave by 7:30 or so works well. Just north of the Starbucks at Vermont and Hollywood Blvd.

          1. t
            thee invisible one

            the greek..great venue...the stars, the breeze the traffic!!!...but i many choices, so little time..places you might consider:

            -MEXICO CITY, kinda cal-mexi but good in the hood.. try their fresh green corn tamales, fried plantains served with beans and fresh cream and any of their enchilada dishes (fav is the enchiladas suiza with a green tomatillo sauce and cheese).2121 hillhurst ave., 323-661-7227

            -MAROUCH, for middle eastern, lebanese i believe, havent been there in a while but i remember it as being good food at a reasonable price.located south of the greek on santa monica.4905 santa monica blvd. 662-9325

            -vermont, for the appetizers, good sweets, friendly service and ambiance..1714 n vermont 323-661-6163

            -atlacatl, on beverly east of vermont...salvadorian food, served in a clean comfy environment...great pupusas and grilled meats...very even!!

            - trattoria farfalla, on hillhurst for reliable pasta and other dishes.1978 hillhurst 323-661-7365

            hope this helps.have a great time at the concert.