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Feb 3, 2008 07:01 AM

I am seeking great service

One thing I can't stand is going to a nice restaurant and not getting tip top wait staff service. I think it's a rarity, what I am seeking:
I want the wait staff to know when I need them. I want my water glass filled probably about 4 times. I want the wait staff to be pleasant but not conversational. I'd like a little cleanup between courses. I like when there is separate staff to clear the table between courses but I prefer when my waiter delivers the food (and the ground pepper or whatever comes with).
Along with this, if possible, I'd like the restaurant to not be noisy or too crowded. But, next to the food, the service is a close second on priority!

Where do you recommend the Service?

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    1. re: joebelt

      Yes, I do agree on L'Espalier. That is the level I am talking about. Although, the last time I went there, I did not enjoy my waiter (a little on the "snobby" side, for lack of a better word). Usually, however (the other 2 times I've been there), top notch service.

      1. re: joebelt

        O Ya

        are the best, IMO.

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          1. re: cmd

            Aujourd'hui DOES have some of the best service in Boston----I forgot about that one. The sommelier is incredibly relaxed and knowledgable, to boot.

            1. Salts has one of the most gracious and hospitable hosts/owners. Radius is technically sound though some find it a little chilly at times. No. 9 Park tends to be well rounded but leans a little informal if L'Espailer is up your alley.

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                How is the service at Meritage? It sounds like a fairly formal space, and I'd like to see the type of service which the OP asked for.