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Feb 3, 2008 06:20 AM

We finally tried Outback [Moved from Elsewhere in America]

and were not impressed. Poor piece of meat for the sirloin steak, tasteless sides although the spinach artichoke dip was good), oversweet bread and butter, tasteless pasta dish and overpriced.

We went because we had a gift certificate, but not going back.

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  1. Sorry you had a bad experience. I've never gotten any steak there other than the filet, and it's usually not too bad. My husband absolutely loves that sweet-ish brown bread. The steamed veggies are usually a pretty reliable side.

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    1. re: Suzy Q

      Huh. I go to OB maybe once or twice a year -- for lack of a *real* steakhouse in this area, so I've probably been about 10 times total. While I can't stand the bread, the service has always been fine (if not _too friendly_ as in 'hi my name is blablabla' like I care). Yes, I've waited 15-20 mins. on a table before, but that was not a problem.

      I always order the Victoria center cut filet 7 oz., medium-rare, and it has always come out perfect. Perfect. I also think their baked potato rocks. They go a little crazy on the salt occasionally, but I don't mind that so much.

      Now Hoss's -- that's a different story. After having ordered their 'filet tips' (filet of what? warthog?), I am never going back. That was simply disgusting.

    2. Make sure you drink lots of water to offset the Na. And you missed the "bloomin' onion" dipped in the ranch sauce? Sometimes you do need to look a gift horse in the mouth and say "naaaaaah"

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        1. smartie.

          Outback has some very good items, with good value. The Sirloin Steak you chose is/was not one of them. It is a London Broil type cut of meat that is popular in the Midwest. In the Northeast, we expect sirloin to be a New York Strip steak.

          The T-Bone, Roast Prime Rib and Rack of Lamb are very good selections fro meat. For Seafood, the Salmon and Crab Cakes are also recommended by my non-meat eating friends.

          1. re: fourunder

            Steak at Outback Steakhouse is not edible. I enjoy their sides: baked potato, side salads, cheese fries, wings, and awesome blossom.

            1. re: fourunder

              fourunder, I have heard the same about the lamb - I have friends who rave about it.

              1. re: Suzy Q

                Suzy Q,

                I am sure I will take a few hit for this, but I find it amusing and incredible the comments regarding chains and the quality concerning their products and offerings. Having been associated with the food industry in many levels, chains offer reliable and predictable food quality with convenience. whether any one likes the food or not is personal, but you cannot argue with the better chains and their process for food handling, commitment to specifications and value. The shear number of sales suggest a tremendous segment of the population agrees with what the chains provide. Are there bad chains....I would argue only the ones that go out of business. Every business whether chain or private sector, tries to find their niche in the marketplace. Outback is not trying to attract the diners who go to Prime Steakhouses, and to compare them both in the same topic is ridiculous, especially when it come to the merits.

                Regarding the Rack of Lamb, you will not find a better value. I would go further on to add you would have a harder time finding another FULL rack of seven or eight bones for less than $35.....maybe even $40 in private sector restaurants . To be able to order it for less than $25 is a bargain.

                Not so long ago, when global transportation of food products was much more limited, Australian Lamb was considered to be quite possibly the best available. American lamb was being dismissed by the food snobs in many channels of operation and media. When the Australian Lamb was made easily available, the prices became less than that of American Raised Lamb and now it is now considered inferior by many. Go figure.

                As for the Prime Rib I is slow roasted at a low temperature the way I prefer it to be prepared.

                1. re: fourunder

                  "chains offer reliable and predictable food quality with convenience"

                  If you mean "predictably BAD" I would have to agree with you. It's been about 5 years since I've set foot in an Outback. I will die a happy person never setting foot in one again.


          2. I've been there twice, both times ordering a cheeseburger. The burger was too greasy. I will not go back.

            1. I went there years ago, after the initial opening and all the hype and lines were down and also was not impressed. I had a steak that could have been used as shoe leather and just calling an oninon "blooming" does not make it Australian to me. Convince me I should try it again and maybe I will.