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Oct 15, 2001 10:02 PM

People who attended BBQ Chowdown 2001, please read...

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While at the chowdown, one of you mentioned a
reasonably priced (aka cheap) French restaurant in
your neighborhood. I no longer remember the name of
the place or, forgive me, even the name of who
mentioned it! Could that person please
enlighten me?

It was something like "cafe matisse", "madame
matisse", "cafe some-famous-French-painter-I-hope"
and the mystery person's neighborhood might
have been Echo Park, near-Los-Feliz, SilverLake.
ANYWAYS, too many variables, obviously I remember
nothing, and if my manager only knew how many
fruitless hours I spend on yahoo maps trying
to figure this out he'd kill me. slowly.

I've gone out to eat max three times in the last month, and I'm ready to really eat again. I'd love
it to be french. :(

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  1. v
    Vanessa On The Town

    Wasn't at Chowdown, but Madame Matisse is on Sunset in Silverlake. Very good breakfast and their menu looks great for lunch too. I know they are open for dinner now, but I think they close kind of early.

    1. No, l have not been at the BBQ,sorry to say, but l think this is what you're asking for:
      Madame Matisse
      3536 W. Sunset Blvd.

      Breakfast, 7:30am to 3:30pm Thursdays through Tuesdays;
      Lunch, 11:30am through 3:30pm Thurs thru Tues
      Dinner, 5 to 9:30pm Thurs thru Sat.

      No alcohol.

      l cut it out of the LATimes and stuck in on my bulletin board for when l'm in the 'hood.

      Let us know what you ordered.The article lists 'What to Get': Scottish eggs, cornmeal waffle, Moroccan-style chicken, beet salad, endive salad, halibut, duck breast, chocolate cake.