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Feb 3, 2008 05:42 AM

800 Deg Oven

Does anyone have any thoughts on what to use if I want an 800 oven. I am going to redo my kitchen. One thing that would be cool would be an oven that could reach very high temp for pizza making. It seems even commercial pizza deck ovens only reach 650. Maybe it is a code/safety issues.

I am considering a few options:
Small industrial oven (used for tempering, for example) in addition to "normal"
Go with a "normal" oven and build a ceramic "oven in an oven" device.
Do some kind of wood fired deal. But those are much better outside than in.

Has anyone tackled this? I read one guy messed with the clean cycle of his oven to reach high temps.

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  1. According to Peter Reinhart of American Pie a HearthKit plus a convection oven will bake pizza just as fast as a 650 to 700 deck oven. CI looked at the Hearthkit and concluded that it did enhance the standard home oven, but did not do much to improve their Wolf ovens. I don't think convection or pizza was part of their test.

    1. You can get a standard oven to go to 750+, but that involves disabling the self-cleaning safety. There are hints on the on how to accomplish this.

      You can also a built a beehive oven for baking breads and such.