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Feb 3, 2008 05:22 AM

Lunch time dum sum?

Does anyone know who does dum sum for lunch? I know a number of places that to it on weekends. TandS Seafood is very good for example, but only does dum sum on weekends.

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  1. Actually T & S is the only place I know of in Austin that serves Dim Sum for lunch. You have to ask for the Dim Sum menu and you order it like you are at a sushi bar by choosing the number of items you want. The selection was pretty much the same as on the weekends, but they were out of a few things last time I went.

    T & S Chinese Restaurant
    10014 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753

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      Golden Wok does a limited Dim Son menu at lunch time during the week. I like the squid is quite tasty as are the sticky red bean sesame buns.

    2. shanghai offers a dim sum menu at lunch time.

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        My BF went to shanghai a week ago to try the dim sum and said it was absolutely horrible! We had been wanting to go and now I am glad I did not have to share the experience!

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          I went once and was very impressed, went a second time, and was served some inedible duck. I felt as if they were Shanghai'ing me with the bill. We ordered two orders shrimp and leek dumplings, pointing to the menu where is was listed as a medium, and they wrote it down as large. The duck had some sort of strange taste, so we sent it back (I don't like to send things back). Once we went to pay, the rung up the dumplings as larged, charged for the duck, and charged $13.95 for walnut shrimp rather than the $5.25 for S&P shrimp. Of course, I balked, and the re-rung it. I've noticed at dim sum places that you have to be darn sure how much something costs before you order it. Anyone else have that experience?

          Anyhow, the S&P shrimp were very good. Chinese broccoli was okay, and the dumplings were pretty good (but not $1.25 per piece good). I probably won't go back soon.

          I have had the T&S dim sum weekday lunch. From what I remember, it was tasty. I mostly have had dumplings there.

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            really? i think shanghai may have some of the best dim sum in austin. i especially like weekday lunch dim sum because they cook everything fresh when you order from the menu. sometimes if you go on the weekend after 12, the items are cold/not as fresh

            1. re: yimay

              Well, maybe that's what happened. The first time, we were there right at 11 AM, and it was very good. I'd said at the time that Shanghai was one of my top dim sum choices. This last time, it was much later - almost 1 PM I think.

              If you like it that much, I will give them another try. I respect your opinions!

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