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Feb 3, 2008 05:03 AM

Visit to Lodi, CA

My parents, husband and 2 friends are planning a trip to wine county in Sept. of this year. My husband has never been so I want to make it exciting for him. We all love Red Zin's so we do plan to spend some time in Sonoma, maybe a day or so in Napa and then hit Lodi. Any recommendations for wineries that we shouldn't miss checking out in Lodi - or anywhere else for that matter? (planning on going to Healdsburg, don't know where in Napa yet maybe rutherford)

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  1. Everytime I hear of this city I think of that great Creedence song "Lodi"...

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      Yep, "Stuck in Lodi again" ... Lodi stretches in part along Interstate 5 from Sacramento to Stockton. What you see from I-5 are rows and rows of grapes, and mostly Woodbridge's work. There is little to be found in the way of tasitng room that would be considered a treat. As suggested, I'd head to Amador County.

    2. While a number of California wineries source grapes (mostly zinfandel and some petite sirah) from the Lodi area, I do not know of any wineries actually located in or near Lodi.

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        The Wine section of the SF Chronicle has a very helpful database of wineries that is available online. There is a great deal of helpful information for winery touring available there.

        Use the "Wine Country Guide" and search for Lodi

      2. David is pretty much correct. While there are a number of old Zinfandel vineyards in and around the Lodi-Woodbridge area -- from which a number of wineries purchase grapes -- it's not like there are a lot of "destination" wineries there to go visit.

        Check out

        If I were you, I'd either spend an extra day in Sonoma, or add a couple of days in the Santa Cruz Mtns.


        1. I also think your time spent in Lodi may well be disappointing. If you love Zins, you may wish to concentrate on the Dry Creek Area around Healdsburg. That could take a full two days right there. Check out the difference in the fruit flavors between the higher "hilly" Zin fruit and the lower valley fruit. Also check out the area called Rockpile, at the northwestern edge of Dry Creek. That area -- it's quite high up -- a little "island" above the fog -- produces exceptional Zin fruit. Outside of Sonoma, and to a lesser extent, Napa, the Amador County region is producing a few Zins of note --Renwood and the like. Might be worth a look-see (taste-see).

          1. Or since you are into zins, then the foothills- Amador county would be my first choice.

            The only time I have been to Lodi explicitly for wine tasting was to go to St Amant. I think they do a few good zins. But the tasting room is located in a concrete storage/warehouse park, zero atmosphere.

            Michael David has a tasting space, along with cafe and veggie stand. Their Earthquake Zin is well reviewed, but for me I can really taste the alcohol in it:

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              >>Or since you are into zins, then the foothills- Amador county would be my first choice.

              Do you prefer the Zins from Amador to those from Dry Creek or Sonoma County in general?

              1. re: maria lorraine

                Oh, no... I wasn't thinking it could be interpreted like that. I was thinking Lodi versus the foothills. A lot of my favorite zins come from Sonoma, particularly the Dry Creek and Rockpile appellations.

                Not strictly a zin, but for the last couple of years, my favorite value/everyday red wine is Marrietta's Old Vine Red $10-12 retail and around 13.5% alcohol.

              2. re: souvenir

                I agree with your appraisal of Earthquake Zin ... 'nuff said ... you might try another Lodi Zin maker - Campus Oaks 2006 "Old Vine" Zin ... a very good Zin with a nice price to boot!