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Feb 3, 2008 04:45 AM

Williams Sonoma

Recently I was given a gift card to Pottery Barn, I found out I can use it in WS. WS is quite pricey as we all know-- and has some fun stuff. What would you all get that is fun, or not sold in other stores. It's for $200.00. Thanks

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  1. I would get their new French Braiser. It's exclusive to them. It's about 12" in diameter, and a great saute pan, roasting pan (comes with a heavy round rack), a braiser and a steamer with the rack. It looks like a very useful pan. I don't think it's as high as they say. The bottom part looked to be about 2.5" to 3" in the store. This is my next pan! It's $199.99.

    1. I got and abjectly love the All-Clad 6qt pot with a long handle, loop handle and fryer basket. It's so useful for frying, for many types of pastas and all kinds of general cooking tasks. I think the fryer basket part is exclusive to Williams Sonoma.

      1. the last few times we've been in W-S they've had a table full of sale stuff. the most interesting has been the Le Creuset pieces they're closing out(changing out some colors). They also had a bunch of All-Clad Ltd on the sales tables last time we were there...apparently a new version of the Ltd is coming in as well.

        Could be a good way to use a gift certificate!

        1. I'd probably buy a tagine--I covet one but they are ridiculously pricey for the minimal amount of use mine would get.

          Aside from that, I might get a decent deep fryer or replenish some of my utensils that have seen better days.