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Feb 3, 2008 04:05 AM

Cobble/ Carroll quiet on 3 places

I'm walking the neighborhood the other day and passed 3 places that I know very little about:

Pane e Vino on Smith- don't know a thing about it. Any good?

Jessie's Kitchen- almost always empty. Has a 500 word essay in the window on how great they are. How's the chow?

The Red Deli on Verandah Park- taken over by the new Cafe on Clinton guys. Whens it gonna open?

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  1. I love Jessie's kitchen they have great take out and great service - I can only vouch for the vegetable dishes and the service. I never ate in but I know some folks do. Only went to Pane e Vino once and we had terrible service and not very good food. That by no means - means its a bad place but we wont be going back. The Red Deli should open soon.

    1. The reason you don't see people in Jessie's (assuming you've been walking by at night) is that they focus on their catering business then. From their website:

      "Dinner is unique at Jessie’s in the sense that we do not serve it in the restaurant. Instead we have a community dinner plan that has become extremely popular -- 165 local families have now joined and the list keeps growing! Here’s how it works: Each Sunday night we send out a dinner menu for the week ahead ... The menu is sent via e-mail, but you can also pick it up at the restaurant. You place an order, we deliver it at dinnertime. Very simple. "

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        have been to pane e vino a number of times.
        enjoy the atmosphere - particularly the covered candlelit garden in the summer. the food isn't anything to write home about, but is solid. the service however, almost always, leaves quite a bit to be desired. if you are in a rush, don't bother. further, if you really require solid service, don't bother. but if you're pretty easy going and want some tasty italian options, give it a shot. also theres live music there a lot.

          1. re: vatl619

            We‘ve had brunches at Pane e Vino and thought it was OK. They have the usual compliment of brunch dishes and drinks, nothing outstanding but it held its own. We find most of the places on Smith have service that leaves quite a bit to be desired and Pane e Vino was no exception. Unless you’re going more high-end, Grocery, Chestnut or Saul, this should come as no surprise.