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Feb 2, 2008 10:06 PM

Good kitchenware stores in Calgary

I'm wondering if anyone know of any good kitchen stores (i.e. that sell tableware, cookware, home accessories, etc.) in Calgary. I would ideally like to find somewhere that has a good selection and many different manufacturers like torre & tagus or tag. I would even settle for a good website that delivers to Canada!

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  1. I always enjoyed Kilian in Kensington... they carry a decent selection of cookware and tableware as well as housing a design studio.

    Kit on 11th Ave is a design store and more oriented towards furnishings than tableware, but they do carry Iittala and some other high end lines from Europe.

    The Cookbook Co sells all kinds of awesome gadgets and basic cookware.

    1. If you want serious cookware go to a restaurant supply store. Cheaper and better quality. I've never been asked for proof that I am in the trade. Sometimes you can find tableware too but the really interesting stuff is often by order and the minimums are restaurant size.

      My favorite is:

      Russell Food Equipment Ltd -
      5707 4 Street SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1K8
      (403) 253-1383

      Brown's is downtown on Riverfront Dr but I haven't been there in so long I couldn't even say if they are still there.

      There is am Asian one on Centre street north about at 10th ave. that has the equipment for those cuisines..

      The tongs alone are worth buying from a professional place, I also look up restaurant supply places in other cities when I travel which can be a really interesting experience. Interesting in all dimensions of that word as they are often in the rougher parts of town.

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        Ahhh, good point. I didn't even think of that. As far as I know, Brown's is still there. These places probably won't have big design names though. You would never find me using Iittala (or Torre & Tagus...) products in service!

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          I know we found a place that would have delivered plates of my own design for about the same price as a good set of china. I think it might have been Russell Then you'd have sharonanne plates! or peter.v plates! Of course you would have 100 plates only rather than a set but it would be cool.

          Anyway, not for everyone but, as I said, for cookware the restaurant supply houses are pretty good. You and maplesugar covered the ground for tableware and accessories. :-)

      2. Home Evolution (7133 11th Street SE carries Torre & Tagus
        others of note not already mentioned: The Happy Cooker (Market Mall
        )Compleat Cook (various locations)

        1. I miss Caban, they had great stuff...

          here is a good website for cookware, they are based in Vancouver. I've ordered a couple things from them and it has gone very well. I even had a problem with the first item and they were very good about getting a new item and in a timely manner.

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            Another Canadian online cookware/tableware/bakeware store is Golda's Kitchen. I haven't ordered from Golda's before but they offer quite a broad and deep selection of products.

          2. Hendrix Restaurant Equipment has a store in Calgary (used to be the old Jolle Chef).


            I've tried Golda's Kitchen as well, and they are pretty good. Another Canadian online place I've tried is Ashton Green. Still gotta look for specials though.


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              Hendrix looks like a commercial store, which is cool. However most are only open Mon-Fri 9-5. Do you know of a more commercial store that is open on the weekends?

              1. re: Salada

                Hendrix is open on Saturday. From the website:

                Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm
                Saturday: 9am to 4pm
                Sunday: Closed