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Feb 2, 2008 10:06 PM

Where to rent lazy susans?

Is there such of a thing as renting lazy susans for a banquet? I'm talking about the big 25"-30" diameter Chinese banquet lazy susan. My caterer doesn't have any, so where would I go to rent them?

If anything, I could always buy a lazy susan if I knew where to go. Any suggestions?

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  1. You can buy lazy susans from Ikea. They're not 25" -- more like around 15" and they're cheap, just over $7.00. They're wooden. I have three. .

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    1. re: Fuser

      Yup, I've seen them at IKEA. However, I can barely fit 2 plates on them, let alone a 5 dish family style dinner.

      I might end up enhancing the 15" lazy susan with a bigger glass top.

    2. There's a restaurant supply store below the Korean Galleria Supermarket. I know they rent huge rice cookers and other cookware. They should have lazy susans but I'm not 100%.

      1. Might call Surfas and see how much they cost there.

        Sur La Table has them.

        Williams-Sonoma has a big one.

        Oddly, Smart and Final carries a lot of serving items, particularly for bulk stuff, so I'd call them and check and see what they carry.

        Check out this "lazy susan" equivalent at Chefs' Toys

        Or, from Cookin Stuff in Torrance

        Another place to call would be Charlie's Fixtures

        Here's a page that lists restaurant and kitchen supply stores to call:

        If you wanted to order them:

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        1. re: Emme

          Thanks for the response everyone. I'll let you all know what I find.

        2. I know you want to rent, but maybe you could buy some lazy susan 'rings' for future use (or resale):

          A 20" ring could probably be topped with a 30" to 40" circle of glass, wood, etc...

          1. Party supply rental like Pico Party Rents is a good bet. We rent chairs and tables very good prices.

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            1. re: Food Good

              I logged on tonight specifically to post about Pico Party Rents because I saw a truck today unloading at a house on San Vicente, and the guy was carrying lazy susans!