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Feb 2, 2008 08:19 PM

Aigre Doux Review

Just got home from dinner. Overall a wonderful experience. Arrived several minutes late but we were seated right away. Resv. was for 6:45p. Started with glasses of champagne, Paul Georg, very nice. I like a nice soup and the roasted chesnut soup was delicious. A great way to start dinner. That was followed by the market apple salad...granny smith apples, manchego cheese, serrano ham and arugula. Simple, yet tasty with wonderful dressing. My wife had the oxtail ravioli and loved it. I had a bite and I did too.

For entrees, I had the short ribs with sweet potato gratin and caramelized red cabbage. Loved the ribs and the cabbage but the potatoes were out of this world. Probably some of the best I've ever had and I'm Irish. 'Nuff said. My wife had the lobster bucatini which had huge chunks of lobster meat. She really liked it. Ok, I'm running out of adjectives now.

Dessert was the ice creme trio for me and the cookie assortment for her. Both good.

The ice creme was more "melty" than I like. The last of the trio was practically drinkable.

Wines were ok. I liked mine, a Cab Sauv and a Pinot Noir. She had a red from Lebanon that didn't thrill her but I liked it. .

I wouldn't call these complaints by any stretch of the imagination.

Service was very attentive. Our server Amber was quite helpful. She went to great extents to describe the dishes we were interested in as well as telling us her favorites, and why they were so. In her defense, she offered to get my wife a different red but my wife went with the red mentioned above. At one point Amber found out for the name of the restaurant that was there previously. Pili Pili. It was killing me that I couldn't remember.

We left about 9:45p. Three well spent hours. We wanted a relaxing, delicious dinner and that is EXACTLY what we got.

I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant. I will go back just to eat what we didn't order this time around.

Atmosphere was excellent. Lighting was just right. Room temperature was comfy and the music wasn't very loud. As a couple, we were able to converse without yelling all night. Quite a plus.

A lot of people on these boards recommend One Sixty Blue and having been to both now, I
would rather go to AD.

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  1. Your experience sounds consistent with the wonderful dinner I had at Aigre Doux, reported previously at Next time, don't miss their wonderful sticky toffee pudding, their signature dessert.

    I've had spectacular experiences at one sixtyblue as well, and I recommend both places.

    1. I absolutely love Aigre Doux, I'm glad others are enjoying it. Service is very helpful and attentive as you said, and I have had nothing but great meals there.

      It may not be considered in the same breath as some of the big restaurants discussed here, but I'm pretty sure their mission is to be comfort food. It has been my wife and mine consistently favorite date spot because there is no pretention and a comfortable dining experience.