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Health food around Encino

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Since I have been on a workout regime recently I am trying to find more healthy alternatives to eating out. Currently I have been going to Cho Cho San in Tarzana twice a week after kickboxing for sushi and sashimi. ( I like that place a little too much)

Does anyone have other suggestions of places around Encino? It would be great to have a nice little selection of different food options. Non red meat low-cholesterol cuisine is preferred.

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  1. Well, technically it is Sherman Oaks, yet the California Chicken Cafe on Ventura about 2-3 blocks west of the 405 Fwy would qualify as Encino-adjacent.
    Definitely the takeout section of Gelson's at Hayvenhurst & Ventura should have some options that would work. Absolutely Phobulous just opened on Ventura for some pho, or similarly low carb/cholesterol-type food, and red meat definitely need not apply.

    1. There is a Whole Foods Market in Woodland Hills.

      1. I know you asked for Encino but ...Follow Your Heart is in Canoga Park. It's great for the healthier types of foods and has a market right there as well.


        1. it's not technically a health food restaurant, but aroma cafe/bakery in tarzana has awesome salads and sandwiches -- you can definitely find healthful options there.

          1. I'd second California Chicken Cafe, but as someone who lives in Encino and strives to eat healthy I'll make a few other recommendations. Chili My Soul in the "Smart & Final" strip mall offers a selection of healthy chili. Steer clear of adding cheese or sour cream and it's sensible. Next door to that is "Salads Galore" which offers ridiculously healthy salads and grilled meats like steak and chicken. I think it's a tad expensive but their salads are enormous so I thin you get your money's worth. You also have Coral Tree Cafe across from Buca di Beppo which offers healthy sandwiches and salads, all organic. Again I think this place is pricey but it can be nice. They have a great high protein breakfast. Near Havenhurst there is also a Baja Fresh which can be terribly unhealthy, but they do offer sensible items if you order correctly. There is also a Rosti's in the outdoor mall with the "Barne's and Noble" which has many heart healthy fish and chicken dishes all made with olive oil. I'd suggest telling them to use half-oil though in preparation.

            1. Thanks for the tips!

              I got to California Chicken Cafe for lunch every now and then. Their chicken wrap is delicious (its a close call between their wrap and the California wrap at Roman's). The place is always packed at lunchtime. Takes about 10-15 mins to get the takeout order.

              Absolutely Phobulous is just opposite work and I go there at least once a week. I really like their fried rice.

              Any sushi/sashimi salad places you would recommend around the area?

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                Not all of these are healthy restaurants, but dishes at certain places...

                Not everyone loves it, but Uncle Chen's is soooo accommodating to all dietary requests... no oil, sugar, cornstarch, added salt, your call... I really like the Garlic Eggplant w/ scallops here.

                The Dressing Room is a good option for salads.

                Stanley's has some very healthy salads and fish as well.

                The chicken chopped salad (no cheese, dressing) and grilled vegetable appetizer at Sisley (yeah I know it's a chian)

                Yamato (again not *everyone's* fave) is really accommodating about doing rolls w/o rice and in soy paper (if you're like me and prefer it).

                Carnival in Sherman Oaks is good for chicken, tabbouleh, etc.

                The ONE AND ONLY THING i go to jerry's for is the egg white omelette, dry.

                Hugo's in Studio City, if you feel like driving just a bit.

                Jinky's in Sherman Oaks

                Kate Mantilini in Woodland Hills has some healthy options.

                Catch 21 is good for healthy fish, veggie sides, dry baked potato w/ whatever works for you.

                Egg white omelettes at More than Waffles.

                At Daily Grill (again I know a chain), the rotisserie chicken is good, and comes w/ a head of broccoli. Also, Joe's special w/ egg whites, turkey, spinach, mushrooms, dry... very satisfying.

                At maria's, the chicken primavera, no pasta, minimal oil, and the chopped salad (sans cheese for me or dressing).

                Mogo's Mongolian BBQ if you avoid the noodles and oily sauces; stick w/ soy.