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Epic Roasthouse, SF- Report

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Epic. Roasthouse, not much in the name, in fact I hate the name. It is not up to date with the rest of the place which is amazing. The exposed kitchen and marble chef's table. The grand leather chairs, the perfect white linen and my favorite stemware. The industrial unfinished concrete look at the ceiling is rather warming, a nice touch to the room. To put it this way, I would go even if it didn't have one of the best views you can get in the city.

The food.... 3 kinds of sea salt on the table are delicious but of the breads offered you really don't need the bread. There is a sourdough and a cornbread and something else but I think salt like that is best with a more bland Italian batard. Nonetheless I love salt so I was happy with it. By the way, the cornbread in shape of madeline are amazing.

Oysters, Salad's, sides and many meat options makes the menu rather typical for a steakhouse which the place most certainly is. Our salad's were delicious and we ate every last bite. For entrees we had the salmon with fennel - I didn't actually get a bit I was so focused on my meat but she loved it. I had the pork chop with a molasses and or coffee sauce and several other ingredients - so many other that they meshed well together and all just tasted good. I would have liked the ingredients to sand out a little more though. Our other friend had the petit fillet which was rather large and just simple on the plate. Delicious though. Sides were amazing, green beans perfect and oriccetta mac and cheese to die for.

Desserts were out of control but I was in such a deep coma by then that I can't talk much about it. All I can say is get the cookies and milk - Tahitian vanilla milk that is.

Miscellaneous comments about the place - the bar upstairs is great. Beautiful, large, dark wood with copper accents, a place that you would really love to hang out in for a few hours. Also has a large outside deck to make the view of the water even better and an opening to spy on the diners below.

Service was extremely attentive in a friendly relaxed way. The managers there seemed they really cared about the execution of the evening. The food didn't knock my socks off but I would eat it any day of the week with no problem. I think that is the beauty of the place though it is great for any occasion at all, even if that occasion is being hungry on a Tuesday night. Great job Mr. Kuleto's, keep 'em coming.

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  1. Nice to hear there is finally a place with both good view and food.

    It is open till midnight on Fri-Sat. The bar open till 1am.

    They also serve Sunday brunch. Hmmm ... Bubble and Squeak with Jalapeno Gravy and Poached Eggs. The online brunch menu lists sand dabs.

    Wow ... $20 - $25 for a hamburger ... depending on if it is lunch, brunch or dinner ... add fries $8 - $10.

    Epic Roasthouse
    369 The Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94105

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      Some people think The Slanted Door has good food and a good view.

    2. can you eat at the bar upstairs?

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        There's a bar menu online. In the $7 - $8 range. That might be the way to go.

      2. The original comment has been removed