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Feb 2, 2008 07:23 PM

Dog-friendly in Asheville area?

We rescued a dog from the shelter in Hendersonville a few weeks ago, and now that he is settling in, we'd love to take him out with us when we go out to eat. We never really paid attention to the restaurants that have terraces and allowed dogs before this.

Weather-permitting, what are some of the delicious restaurants in the area that allow dogs on their patios? (We're happy to wander all around Asheville for good food, and would even welcome suggestions in Brevard as we like to take the boy hiking there with us.)

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  1. Try Mamacitas,Noodle Shop (and the other restos with patios on Pack Sq)
    Asheville Pizza Co. (both locations) Westville Pub - anyone think of any others?

    1. Congrats on your new pet/family member! I think most of the patios in the grove arcade are dog friendly. We've taken the pup to the patios at chorizo and the thai place with no problem, besides him getting bored. Also, surprisingly, the patio at maple in brevard is dog friendly (or at least was last summer, and I'd check out the old maple thread before dropping the bucks there). Pescados, the burrito shop in brevard, is great for post hike grub, complete with pup friendly patio (but it is in a strip mall with strange hours).

      Places with nice patios that are not dog friendly: old europe, mellow mushroom (I think) and La Ranchera in Brevard