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Feb 2, 2008 07:12 PM

Markets that sell Miso Butterfish

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to cook some Miso Butterfish but can't seem to find any market around the Bay Area that sells it. Do any regulars on this forum have any suggestions on where I can find it, I will travel near or far for this coveted yumminess!


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  1. Is there a Miso Butterfish species or is this a recipe? I believe that Ranch 99 has a butterfish. The problem in my search is which fish called butterfish do you want. Alternative names seem to include Pampano or Black Cod. Is there a fish monger out there?

    1. As the previous poster said, I'm not sure if this is a species or a preparation. If a preparation, you might try Nijiya Market in SF Japantown, which sells marinated fish ready for grilling or broiling, including gindara kasuzuke (black cod in sake lees), my favorite.

      1. I've seen miso Black Cod at Nijiya, but no Miso Butterfish. The marinade is actually really easy to make yourself, so why not give that a try?

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          I think I've seen it at Tokyo Fish Market on San Pablo in Berkeley, but I can't say for sure. They have salmon and butterfish kasuzuke (sake lees) at Berkeley Bowl. And besides the miso gindara (black cod), they also have miso saba (mackerel) at Nijiya in SF.

        2. I've bought plain Butterfish a number of times at the fish market in Market Hall in Rockridge, but I don't know if you're looking for it to be marinated in advance with Miso.

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            I've bought black cod/ butterfish at Bryan's iin Laurel Village in the past. The butcher/monger at Cal-Mart can also get it but you have to call the day before so they can order it.

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              ooh, now I'm wondering-- I think it was sablefish/ black cod. Not butterfish. sorry

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                What Japanese markets and restaurants call butterfish is black cod aka sablefish.


          2. Thanks everyone! I didn't realize that butterfish was rather known as Black Cod! I think I'll take my changes with Nijiya Market in SF Japantown. I'll report back when all is done. Thanks to everyone who replied. Chowhound is really a great resource for foodies! :)

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              "Butterfish" is ambiguous. Anoplopoma fimbria / black cod / sablefish is often called butterfish in Japanese markets and restaurants, but in other markets you might find very different fish such as pomfrets and pompano sold as butterfish.