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Feb 2, 2008 07:11 PM

Good (or at least decent) Chinese take-out near New Paltz

I'm not crazy about our two local joints. Any suggestions?

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  1. Unfortunately, really cannot think of any in both Dutchess & Ulster counties, but again I'm biased, as I'm Chinese......

    The Golden Wok in Red Hook is one that I would go for my Chinese take-out whenever I have the craving for anything remotely Chinese & am desperate, but that may be a bit far from where you are.....

    1. A note to recent or future CIA grads: open a combination Chinese/ pizza (or is it pizza/Chinese) restaurant. A few tables, chairs, takeout menu, woks,coal burning oven...people will come from all over the Hudson Valley and say thank you, thank you and you'll clean up in more than one way.