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Oct 14, 2001 07:02 PM

I miss Orleans, too!!! (great blackened prime rib, and jalapeno muffins!!

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.......sad to see it is now a Starbucks!! WHAT IS THIS world coming to?!!!

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  1. I fully agree the food was great. I wonder where the chef's went too, shame Royce's Cafe Orleans had to close the rib/cajun combo was a great idea. I am please to know that he still does catering.

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      ....and it was such a classy place, while still being able to be warm and homey. I always had friendly, attentive service there as well.......(and the room felt like we were eating in a cozy house)

    2. I would go about 4 times a year and sometimes get take-out in addition to that. The place was mostly empty their last couple of years. You actually have to go to restaurants that you like for them to stay in business and mention them to all of your friends. I knew they were in trouble and would have to close. I have to admit that when they merged I never went back.
      The Starbucks is very busy. I guess that is what the majority of people wanted. They speak with their dollars.